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  1. ((If anyone is interested in any of these plots that are not crossed out please PM me))
    • The assassin and Target
    What happens when prey becomes the hunter? Known as the Spanish Beauty, Marciella De Alvarado is one of the deadliest pirates/assassin's to roam the sea's of the Caribbean. She swore an oath to the brotherhood the day her parents Pedro De Alvarado and Sophia Alvarado were murdered. Innocent people with attitudes that could have changed the world for the better good. Alas with her father being a noble conquistador, and her mother a world known opera singer; the two were targeted and killed by A man with a different order of him own known as Templars. For generations Templar's sought to rule the world with dangerous tools, tools that were not meant to be placed in the hands of men. The assassin's know this and like the Templars they too seek order but at a natural cause. Because of her parent's murder Maria trained from the time she was sixteen until the present, gaining respect as a Master Assassin and a reputation. She earned her spot with not only the deadliest of assassin's but Pirates as well. When the Atlantic slave trade came into swing the Templar's saw it as a window of opportunity but she saw it otherwise. It had been twelve years since her parents murder and upon visiting Kingston she comes face to face with the man responsible for her parents deaths...and his son. This role play is a romantic adventure. Basically the son of the Templar was raised to believe that assassin's were horrid beings and as Maria seeks out to murder his father the young male instead begins to hunt her. The two brawl several times before little by little they come to understand one another and eventually fall madly for one another.
    • Mutant Life
    This story is about a world divded by mutant beings and the humans. Much like the marvel verse actually. My character is a young Korean/American woman that has had a rather troubled past. Her abilities are manipulating water how she see's fit. The only problem is that due to her traumatic past her control of her abilities lacks a little. Needless to say as she enrolls in this all mutant University she finds herself struggling socially but what's worse is the professor there that has his eye on her. This story is about the two working together and getting to know one another while using their powers to help keep humanity safe.
    • Dancing kills
    This is a pure romantic story. Times are hard in France during the war. Soldiers in this town come and go and it seems the plague and after math of war strike the people hard. Families are forced into poverty and times only become more tedious with the men gone. However when a fleet of American soldiers come to keep the streets of France safe what happens when an American stumbles into a brothel and finds there the rarest and most beautiful creature he has ever seen. This plot is about a forbidden romance between a soldier and a woman stuck working at a brothel just to meet the ends.
    • Best Friends Brother (This is a MxM role play and I would like to play the Uke)-My character is a simple guy of humble birth. He is an odd ball, shy one second and loud and outgoing the next. He is best friends with your character's younger brother. Your younger brother is as straight as they come and does not know that my character, his best friend, is gay. My character is not open about it either and prefers to go to host clubs or random bars and gets picked up by older men just for sex. ((They would be in college for this.)). Your character could find out about it, seeing my character heading into a Love Hotel with an older man and leaving alone a few hours later, limping. Your character could help him home and he confronts my character asking him what was wrong with him and why he was doing this and such, but my character does not talk about it. Your character could help him clean up and see the abuse he had endured that night.

      He makes my character promise to never do this again but my character refuses, saying that he was addicted to sex and he would not stop, so your character offers to take care of him every night if he promised not to sleep with random men.

      The agreement is going all fine until my character suddenly stops coming and stops talking to you character. He finds out that my character is locked up in his house, refusing to go out or talk to anyone. The person he loved was getting married and asked my character to be the best man. He had agreed and it was after the wedding but his heart was broken and he just wanted to be alone. Your character could ask the land lord to let him in and he holds my character as he breaks down finally and just cries.
    • A knight and his stable boy
    This role play again is a MxM, the character that I would be playing is a young boy foreign to a kingdom only because his care taker and mentor is the right hand of the king. Years prior the knight rampaged through an opposing kingdom and killed everything in his way. However in the midst of the chaos the knight stumbled upon a babe left behind by his mother. Instead of killing the child the knight felt pity and raised the boy, earning a pardon from the king and raising the boy to be the kingdoms official stable boy. This is a romantic adventure.
    • Our master
    This is another MxM. A story of two twins named Isaiah and Lucian. Both are which over three thousand year old vampires, their master fled upon the night they were turned practically leaving the boys to fend for themselves. The are around younger ages seventeen or eighteen i haven't decided upon that yet. However the plot I am looking for is that they both are awakened from their long slumber stumbling upon a character of your choice (though i advise a non human) and your character latches to them rather instantly. Isaiah is the youngest of the two and has a more stabled head on his shoulders, very curious of the world while Lucian is a total and utter brute that usually takes advantage of his brother from time to time. There is twincest so i hope this does not bother you but over all these boys need a proper master.
    • Pet and Master
    This story is either for a manxman or womanxwoman. In this fantasy world the ability to mix a humans DNA with an animals had at last been successfully. Because of this study many women not wishing to bare children donated their eggs to a corporation rather than going through with abortion, so that the fetus can be used and tested with human DNA. This human animal hybrids are then born and sold to the world as pets. The majority of people that buy these so called pets are usually the wealthy however your character would be a man of middle class that one day accidentally stumbles upon a wolf human hybrid that has been beaten and broken nearly to death. However bringing the creature back to health he/she soon learns that there is much more to these pet then what everyone assumes of them.
    • Forbidden Family affair
    This plot is very much driven from a recent book that I have read. Basically there are two twin boys both born right after the other and since birth they have always been around each other. Growing up their parents could not tear them apart however as both become of age the oldest (which would be your character) is forced to take the family business after their father as well continue with the family name. The youngest has always lived in the shadow of his older brother and now knowing that his brother has to step up his game the youngest is trying to find himself without being seen as a failure. However a secret these brothers hold is that both of them have been sexually involved in their lives since they were sixteen and ultimately have fallen in love with one another.
    • Tragic Ending
    This role play will really tug on heart strings. This is a story of pure and innocent romance. The plot is of a fair maiden that finds herself falling madly in love with the light mage of her kingdom. With her fathers approval she and the mage were to be married however when the dark mage found out about his brother's betrayal, for he too loved the princess, he grew enraged and upon their wedding day the princess was cursed. Her entire kingdom fell to illness and decay until everyone died but she was forced to live for all eternity. Turned to stone for many years until at last on the lunar eclipse of the forth year she awoken finding everything and everyone she once knew gone. Unsure if the mage is still alive she must now be forced to adapt to this new environment for better or worse..she just wants to know if there is something in this world worth living for.

    • The arrangement
    This role play is an action/romance. Two allied kingdoms have at last hit rock bottom. Their banks barely have the funds to feed their people alone after another cold war. Men,women, and children are suffering leaving both kings to seek one another for help. Together they come up with a brilliant plan, their children will wed on another to join the kingdoms. The character I would play would be the princess and yours the prince. The two as children grew up knowing one another and every spring since they were six the princess spent her whole summer at the prince's kingdom in hopes that the more time they spent together they would fall in love with one another. However, as children the two were so indifferent and the thought of marrying one another was horrid. Growing up the children, now adults, are absolutely against getting an arranged marriage however when the princess is brought to spend the winter with her soon to be husband they both slowly find out that they have so much in common and ultimately fall in love just before the wedding. However the day of their wedding a darkness falls onto the castle and a sorcerer comes slaughtering the kingdom with his dragon while kidnapping the princess for his own desires. With nothing left the prince is forced to return his beloved and find out the secrets both kingdoms hold in the shadows.
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