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  1. Rules
    1. Reply as much as your life will let you
    2. I prefer longer paragraphs, but I understand if its not as long as others
    3. You don't have to have perfect grammar, but just double check your work. Its hard to understand if there are too many mistakes
    4. Characters must have some depth to them. Doesn't have to be crazy but just a little back story that may be revealed in the rp


    Vampire x Human
    Magic man(
    wizard or warlock what ever you want to refer to it as) x Human
    Demon x Angel x Human

    Princess x Dragon Rider( or someone who has a tie to dragons in some way)


    A girl who can see spirits and demons and ghost ect. tries to keep this all a secret after spending 2 years in a mental hospital trying to tell them it was real. She decided to pretend like she doesn't see things so she can be out of the mental hospital. That's when a demon starts visiting her trying to coax her into a life with him.
    [Im searching for someone to play the demon]

    A princess who has been locked away in a tower most of her life hears tales of a gallant Dragon rider/ knight, who has helped conquer many countries and bring them to peace. She fancies tales of him, but is soon after forced into an engagement to someone else, but her engagement allows her to meet this dragon rider. Can she stop herself form falling for the Dragon rider instead of her betrothed.

    I am open to any other ideas anyone might have or twist of their own.
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  2. Hi! I'm interested in your Princess x Dragon Rider plot, seems like something which can be fun~ I have an idea for said dragon rider, perhaps it could be of your interest and all.
  3. Absolutely :) Pm me your ideas and we'll talk
  4. Hey there,

    I'm interested in your demon x girl RP. I have written for a few demonic characters of my own design before so please PM me if you are interested =).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.