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  1. In a world where demons and monsters exists, the general human population remains oblivious. They remain invisible to all but those with a a majority of demon blood in them. As time has gone on however, the number of true monsters is virtually zero, but it doesn't mean that their partially human descendants don't cause havoc and chaos where ever they go. In response to the rising number of human/demons, a supernatural crime division is formed in almost every major town and city across the world.

    A member of this particular division is given a direct order to arrest another hybrid. Upon meeting them however, they decide to let them go as they see don't enough of a reason to take them in and lets them off with a stern warning. Their superiors are furious with them, and that night the detective is tipped off that both an arrest warrant and a hit on their life have been issued. They end up turning to the same person they confronted the day before, the same person who tipped them off assuring them that this is the only person they can trust.

    I intend for this to be a m/f match, and I'm up for playing either role and either gender. I play men dominant, and women feisty but on the submissive side in bed. There's not much I'm not up for, but I don't do incest, rape, furry, or anything too weird. I'm pretty open minded though, so if in doubt, run it by me. I do want proper spelling and grammar though; I was an honours English student, you know.

    If you're interested, please shoot me a PM. I'll probably get back to you quicker than I will on the forums. :]
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  2. I'm also looking to join other RPs!
  3. we could talk more about another rp we can do?
  4. sorry if that sounded rude i ment to say that im interested in rping with you and would like to talk about other ideas XD
  5. :carousel:

    Good luck m'dear.​
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