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  1. What I feel like doing most of all right now is a good medieval/fantasy roleplay, but I have some specific ideas me and my partner can do or try your idea if you have an interesting one.

    Oh, and to say some things about my writing and how descriptive I can be. I have fairly good grammar and I'll write two sentences each post comfortably if I'm very interested, and sometimes three or a paragraph if I feel like it.

    I can describe things well... in my opinion, but uh, I think I can say I'm decent at it.

    Anywho, onto the ideas!

    1#- A Succubus and human war that will include a lot of sexual things, but also a little interesting story.

    2#- A boy, specifically a prince, is protected by a warrior woman as they cross the country to safety. And I don't know why, but I want the female to have abs. *Shrug*

    3#- A knight is taken as a sex slave by a Succubi, yet soon enough a real relationship forms other than sex.

    4#- A fairy boy and fairy girl fall in love, but being childhood friends, how will it end up?

    5#- A social shut-in's computer keyboard breaks so he has to go out and get a new one, during the winter, he ends up being teleported into the cyberverse and now must try to find a way out.

    And some other ideas that aren't specific, one where a young boy is seduced by an older woman, and well, a girl with abs and a weak guy. I don't know WHY. And I mean that and clear muscles. x3

    So... PM or reply here.
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  2. I would like to do a roleplay! The knight kept as a sex slave sounds good- I'm assuming the knight is a guy?
  3. Yes, the knight is a guy and I would play him. :P
  4. That's cool, and I looked up succubi (I don't hear about those often!) and it sound good.
  5. Succubi are basically sex-crazed demons that take the form of a woman. xD
  6. On wiki it says that repeated sexual activity with a succubi results in deteriorating health and even death, and that would be really good to add to the story.
  7. Eh.. I don't want my character to die, but sure, I guess he can get weaker each time. I'll PM you.
  8. Sorry, went flat. I was thinking you could get sick when the succumbi has a change of heart and nurses you back to health.
  9. I'm interested in the Cyberverse thing.
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