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RP Partner Search!
Looking for more people to write and plot with.


Hi there! I'm a returning user, it's been a couple years! I've been roleplaying on and off for over ten years, typically I end up using discord or FB Messenger but I miss the feeling of forums. I might need to adjust my hours online every so often for work and things of that nature since life likes to get in the way.

What kinds of plots are you looking for?
Real Life
Arranged Marriage
Best Friends
Forbidden Romance
Work or College Scenarios
Visual Kei rockers

Angel x Demon <---- I kind of have a plot for this one
Angel x human
Any being x any being really
Demon x human
Elf x Demon (that one is fun too! )
Human x Reaper

Things to remember
quality > quantity : I don't really care how much you reply because I will mirror what you reply, but I really appreciate more in depth replies even if they don't have a lot of words, because sometimes it's the action that really drives everything.

Regarding OOC:
I really need someone to plot with and stuff! We don't need to talk all the time but It really helps move the story along if we both know what's going on! I like to think I'm pretty approachable with these things, I don't bite!

My Characters
I have one character up in media currently, but I've been meaning to add others as well. Let me know if he does or doesn't work in what we might want!

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I’m interested! The work /college scenario sound fun! We could go ahead and pm me or I could on you and we can plot it out with the current idea I have!


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Can we do Demon x Human mixed with Arranged Marriage?