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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new here and looking for a few good partners for one on one play. I have several characters that are fully developed and some come with their own little worlds that I created for them. Below are some of my characters and a little info about them. If you take an interest in one or more then let me know, I would love to work out ideas!

    Brenna Calhoun- The very first character I ever created. Brenna is a demoness that has been around for longer than I care to remember. Currently she is an Empress, though she much prefers the life of a common soldier or blacksmith. She is strong both mentally and physically, she is not the girly girl type. She is a very well trained assassin among other things, and comes with her own world, lots of NPCs, and tons of ideas. If interested, I will share her story.

    Deirdre Aiden- Deirdre is one of my diverse characters. She is the Leanan Sidhe, the dark fae muse. She is one wicked little thing full of seduction, torment, and people eating. Her story is long and at times hard to believe until you look into her strange eyes and see into the past. A child of chaos, you never know if she will claim you as her latest toy, let you overpower her, or simply turn you into her next meal.

    Vixen LeBeau- Vixen is pretty much the only modern type character I have made. She is a tiger shifter that was born into a powerful crime family. Not really wanting anything to do with that she decided to put her skills to use and become a tattoo artist, but of course her family is always causing issues.

    Lisette Deveraux- Lisette is the only character I ever made that was based on anything other than my own imagination. She is based around the world from Kushiel's Dart. She is a very well known courtesan full of manners, grace, and everything pleasing to a man. In some stories she has fallen from that high status and has become a slave, in others she is on the run.

    I have several other characters to play around with an am always willing to make one on the fly so send me a message!
  2. I would maybe like to do a roleplay with Vixen leBeau - we can plan out a roleplay if you are interested
  3. Deirdre Aiden seems like an intriguing person
  4. Brenna Calhoun would go well with some of my characters.
  5. Brenna caught my eye, but I'm wondering if you have any male characters? It's fine if you don't, I'm just very curious because I think my characters might like some of yours :) (Not in a romantic way, don't worry. I promise I'm not playing match maker for them... Unless of course we ended up rping and a smidgeon of romance is desired. XD )
  6. Lisette seems personally the most interesting to me right now :) I guess you can leave a vm of ideas (since my pm is not really working) if you would like to rp together.