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I play most things and is always open to new ideas.
So I am once again looking for a few new partners to play with.
I live in a lot of different fandomes and I do play oc's and own story ideas as well.
I am pretty open minded and are okay with most stuff.

I prefer to play M/M but I can play F/M and F/F as well.
I dont do first person writing since it mess with my head and gives me a headace.
So please so "I looked out the window and my mother were waiting in our car"
I prefer to chat over PM or Skype, so if you have a idea just lay it on me and we will talk.
I have a few ideas myself but am more then eager to hear your ideas as well.
If I do get an idea while we are playing for the RP I will let you know and we can decide together if we want it in the play.

Alright so a short list of my fandoms, if I were to write all of them we would be here till the end of time.

1. Overwatch
2. TF2
3. Supernatural
4. Marvel
5. DC
6. Lazytown
7. Hobbit / LOTR
8. Torchwood
9. Doctor Who

Well I will just leave it at that and if you want to know more just ask me.

Also on another note, as you might have noticed I have a bit of a trouble with spelling.
Main reason for this is becouse I am dyslectic.
Second reason is becouse English is not my fist langues.
But I think I am doing pretty good eather way.
But if you do have truble reading something I am writing just tell me and I'll try to explain what I am saying.


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We could come up with a idea in a original world.


Original poster
I play most things and is always open to new ideas.
Alright. Sounds great! Why dont you send to me Pm and we will see what we can come up with.
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