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  1. I'm looking for one or two roleplay partners to do 1x1 gigs. I like to play with romance as a goal, and I can play up to 2 characters comfortably. I can play either gender but prefer being in a male role, whether it's a male character or a tomboyish girl, however I don't mind trying different character personalities. I just may need a nudge to remind me when I lose my personality.

    Let's see, some ideas?

    I have one where there's a werewolf who has to find his mate before he turns a certain age because of a curse that will keep him permanently wolf if he doesn't. (gender is whatever)

    There's one about two gangs in a town, and the leader's daughter from one dresses as a man to infiltrate the other gang. That one can, of course, be tweaked, it's just a rough idea.

    If you have other ideas, let me know. Either message me here, or in a PM if you're interested in roleplaying with me.
  2. Hey! I'm really interested in the gang one if you'll have me c=
  3. I'd be interested in giving the werewolf one a try if you haven't found anyone. :)
  4. Additionally:

    Don't be afraid to ask if I'll do other concepts too! I only put in the ones I could think of. If you see that I have people reply, you can still say something. I don't mind. If I get a couple people role playing and still find I have time to have a couple more partners, I'll be glad for the volunteers, ya know?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.