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  1. I'm sort of new to this website, and don't come on here very often, so I would prefer if we could do a role play over email. It would make things so much easier for me. Thanks.

    Anyways. I'm Pleasant. (Yes, that is my real name.) And, I am interested in finding a 1, or 2, or maybe 5 one on ones. xD

    I would like to do modern, preferably something along the lines of teenagers. I don't have any characters that are 18+. Also, I do have pictures for most of my characters. Please, be willing to receive pictures for looks. I will still do an intro, and no, you don't have to send pictures back if you don't want. I just want someone willing to at least look at them.

    I am looking for someone who is 15+, and is able to read and write. I want to be able to understand you. I understand mistakes, but I don't want someone who can't spell at all. Some words are okay, I'm not able to spell every single word.

    For genres, again I would prefer to do modern teen role plays. I have an idea involving a teen pregnancy. If you're interested in doing that, great! I can share my idea with you. (: As for characters and roles, I tend to enjoy playing female the most. I am willing to double, but I like playing female.

    Aaaand, I think that is all. (: If you are interested, PM me, or email me at kittensroxz@yahoo.com. Thanks~
  2. Still looking
  3. How bout you and me
  4. Sure! Just PM me, please! =D
  5. Still looking~
  6. Still looking
  7. Still looking~
  8. I am willing but if you are under 18 then I cannot do a mature rp, which involves I can't do a teen pregnancy one. Sorry, it'd go against my ethics and I wouldn't feel right
  9. I'm interested although I'm not very comfortable playing the male roles but I can try, if you don't the minor discrepancies that might come with it. Or you might be interested in doing a Yuri + pregnancy thing. A bit complicated but slightly more interesting to me. PM me if you're still interested.
  10. I'd be okay with rping. Not that I have much Idea's right now but if you have any I'm up for anything. ^^ Hope you find what you're looking for though.
  11. Still looking~

    I'm going to be leaving for probably a few hours. So, if you PM me or post here, I won't be able to get it yet. But I'll respond as soon as possible.