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  1. Hey there so i have been role playing for about 5 years now and i guess i could use some work, so i am wondering if any one would like to role play. So here are a few types of role plays i am into. I have been gone for a while and now i am slowly working my way back into role playing. That being said i do have a pleathera of characters i tend to use. I role play all types just ask and lets see where it leads us. If i get good responses and i love the roleplay i will start to use multiple paragraphs as my response. Oh i do try to match my partners and i do ask that they also do the same. I like to keep it para semi para it keeps it fun for me

    I am currently working on plot ideas for all the ones i have listed i will be slowly adding to it over time as i come up with more ideas, if you like a plot about it and want to see it up here message me.

    MercenaryXTarget: This one i can change Between hunter and hunted, This one is about a mercenary hunt for a target, Will he protect them when he finds His target , Or will they try to kill each other, This one works with so many different plots


    Game of thrones., this one is not so much done with the plot of the show and the books, But more of an off shoot, our charecters will make their own adventuer what ever it may be

    Dragon Age: This one i want to take place during the Fifth Blight, Our characters will meet eather on their ways or already in the deep roads, On the search for the arch demons, Yes this one will end in characters deaths but this one i believe will have plenty of romance and plenty of heart tugging moments

    R.W.Y.B: (This one for those who have seen it, This one will be with our own characters weapons and Abilitys, But i wish this one to take us outside the citys and deep into Grim Territory.

    Eragon, This takes place many years after Eragon and his dragon left Alagasia to raise the dragons and their new rides, My charecter is names Veltear a young human rider, Him and his dragon Venera, A beautiful Ocean Blue dragon, He has been training under His master Lera and her dragon Tengar. It is now veltears time to make his journy to Ergon and be reconised as a true rider

    Fairy Taileather

    Steam Punk
    Cyber Punk
  2. Is the fairy taileather based on the anime fairy tail?
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  3. If you are still looking, I know the one I want to do isn't there but I want to see if you wouldn't mind trying it.
  4. go ahead and message me i would love to hear it
  5. Would the Mercenary x Hunted or Monster x Human work? Because I have a pretty good cross between them. :D
  6. send me a pm and lets brainstorm
  7. I would love to roleplay with you, but I'm really terrible at fandoms. ^^;
    Are there any other original ideas aside from the HitmanxTarget? C:
  8. Of course, I do many diffrent types mostly Orginal plots, If you would like we can pick a genra and go from there
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