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  1. Well lets see...what do we start with... Well I guess we will start with some requirements?

    Keep in mind I don't have many but I am very picky.

    * Be open to roleplay in all genres! but I will make an exception here as long as you can roleplaying in the following genres: [Fantasy] [Romance] [Supernatural] [Small amounts of Sci-Fi]

    * Don't be a jackass~ I have things I wanna do and you have things you wanna do. If we start roleplaying and I'm not doing what you want don't start going off on me. Just simply leave in a polite way.

    * Have Diversity. People please I don't want you to only be able to play one thing and one thing only. Like if you can only play Submissive Squid People (< Just an example) and thats all, Great for you. You know you keep being a squid. But I'm not looking for just one or two types of partners. I'm looking for lots of different kinds of people!

    * Please be able to Capture my attention. Add in plot twists, throw in character backstory through out the story. Like if I'm sitting here roleplay with you and I HAVE to post more than 2 paragraphs, You better have a good plan for your character and your side of the story. Cause I like mutual action throughout roleplay. Meaning I'm an Aggressive roleplayer some times, some times I like to control the story. But you still have to pull your own side of the story. I'm not gonna drag you around, one I'm very unfit and its just very unlikely for me to even try dragging you. Just be able to get into character very well, I'm not asking for 4-7 paragraphs. I will most likely post 1-3 thats about what I do in roleplay. Some times I do post two sentences, but only because theres not much to describe or its one of those scenes where you need to throw out quick and simple replies.

    * I love Romance in roleplays. It's just my thing. If there isn't any romance theres gotta be some sort of deep connection between the characters whether its a family connection or emotional connection that causes some friction but they just don't wanna ruin what they already have. I do make exceptions though. If its a roleplay where our characters are against each other. Even then I kinda want to eventually have some thing between them. (Yes the reason I have to have romance is cause I'm a lonely troll)

    * The one thing that I have no exceptions on is! Smut. Nope none of that. I don't want details there. If we do end up in that area of roleplay. It is fine do not worry. There is a thing called time skipping. It can go as far as some articles of clothing being removed but no genital touching.

    * I don't usually do character sheets unless we are doing some thing where one of our characters has been stalking or spying on the other and knows said information. I do faceclaims only Digital art and Realistic pictures though!

    * What you need to be comfortable with: Very vulgar and offensive language levels (meaning there will be some slurs in here that some people might not like), Sexual Themes (Such as strip clubs, whore houses, and Sex slavery [Although none of them show actual scenes so I don't see why you'd get your panties in a twist over it), Very Extreme violence, Gore at some points depending on what we are roleplaying, Offensive subjects (Like Jokes against everything. Example: Harsh comments against religions, people, sexualities, genders, and much much more.), It might have animal abuse within roleplay rarely ever happens but some times in gang setting roleplays you'll see dog fights.

    Now that's about it for requirements. Theres very few things you need to know about me. I'm female physically, I do have a male's personality but I also have a female's. Its a two in one deal. I'm under the age of 18 not to far below it at all though. I'm never triggered by anything, so you don't have to worry around me. I have nothing I am uncomfortable with, besides smut thats it. I just don't really get into it as all. It's not cause I'm completely against it. It's just not for me. I am currently looking for mainly male partners but! I do very much enjoy playing a few lesbians here and there. And I love playing the male character as well. I don't Really do MxM. It just tends to bore me a bit. If you can convince me other wise great!

    I have my own fantasy world! I've created that I prefer to roleplay in. It's nothing to complicated cause one your not gonna be going all over said fantasy world. We'll only be using certain areas and certain species. So don't get worried if it looks like a lot of information. Cause we are only using what the roleplay calls for. I have an information page on it that you can message me about. IF this does not interest you one bit then you can tell me and we can make our own little setting and things like that.

    I have many ideas but I prefer to vocally discuss them most of the time. I have a skype! I prefer to use my skype. If you are looking to get in contact with me at all off this site. My skype is what you need to do so. So it is preferred that you have one too. Cause Communication is key. (Plus like I said.... I'm a lonely troll~ I need friends. ~)

    I have over 100 characters to pick from. Not all are on this site because I don't really post many of my old characters on here mostly just new ones. THEY all are very diverse! Just hit me up with a pm or a message here or even a skype contact request: MY SKYPE IS: Tearstostones (AKA: Shadow~ ) I have a picture of a skull rose with pretty colors thrown on it.
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