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    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls from around the world! Tis' I, the amazing Ultra Paradox! To the majority of you, I may come as an unknown being from the domain of the internet, but to some of you, I may be a very familiar face. I've been taking refuge here in the Iwakuroleplay realm for an estimated length of eight months (wow, time flies), and quiet honestly, it's been a great eight months. I had very few quarrels, met many friendly faces, and had an abundance of fun. Everywhere I look, there are helpful people, who guided me and beautiful role plays abound. Now, I don't want to get too sentimental on the effect this place had on me, but you don't see all of these positives anywhere else. Where else but Iwaku?!

    *Clears Throat*

    My apologies, I was getting a little carried away. My point is, I'm here to add on to the greatness that is Iwaku. After a slight absence near the end of last year, I'm back and hungry for a long term role play. Now that doesn't go to say that I don't have some pretty amazing Roleplay's taking place at the moment, but over the few months of my absence, I've lost a number of partners. I never wanted to lose these people, because honestly, they were some of the coolest people I've met thus far. But I could understand their frustration with my chronic absences, so I'm here to say that I will work with you to make sure that never occurs again (even though, I won't make any promises)

    Now, here's some things you may want to know about me! I'm an extremely kind person (wow, that sounds kinda narcissistic doesn't it?), and I'm kind to whoever I speak to, even if they may be coming off as rude or obnoxious. I love having long term roleplays, roleplays that are taken leisurely and not fast. Why go fast, when you could add some awesome details that add on to the superb character development? :wink:. Oh, and I love listening to any ideas my partners have cause I could add on to what they help bring to the table.

    Let's have a little talk about the rules now!

    • No One Liners, and most times more than one paragraph!
    Now, this is a big one for me! If I write a few paragraphs I hope I don't see a one liner as a reply, because that would be demoralizing for me on the way I view our roleplay. It'll make me believe you just don't really enjoy our work, and that it would just be a waste of a time to continue it because you are no longer interested.
    • Add on to the roleplay or share your ideas!
    This one's simple, this is a team effort. Whenever I come up with a lot in a roleplay, it makes me feel like I'm controlling too much. I want this to be something we both enjoy, and love. Not something one person does for fun, and the other has a strong animosity for when it comes to replying.

    • Be Active (At least one reply a week!)
    I'm going to be honest, this really varies on the person I'm doing it with. I have this one friend I met on here Kattekerma, and she's freaking awesome. I'm doing the funnest roleplay of all time (In my opinion) with her, and if she can't reply for months, that's perfectly fine because we talk through text as friends! But if we're just roleplay partners and not necessarily close, I hope to see at least one reply a week? If that doesn't work I could extend it to two weeks, since I hate dropping partners. (Like I said before, I'm pretty friendly, so I'm almost positive we'll be friends!)

    As to what I'm looking for I could do pretty much anything! I can do Romance, Science Fiction, Action, you name it I can do it! But if your bad at coming up with ideas out of the blue (like I am), here are some ideas to get you started!

    • Apocalyptic Stories (Zombies or stuff like that)
    • Romance (I only do MxF if you want a Romance Role play!)
    • Fantasy (An original world redneck by war, that is soon to be saved by a group of heroes)
    I didn't really say too much because I just wanna get some ideas started in your head so we can think of it together, but those are some things. And if you want to do a fandom roleplay, which I LOVE to do, here are some fandoms I can do!

    • Dragon Ball Z (OC or Not)
    • Naruto ( Only OC/ I don't know much about the background of Shippudin, but it worked out with Kattekerma perfectly!)
    • Persona 4 (Both or Just Not OC)
    • Persona 3 (Both or Just Not OC)
    • Mass Effect (OC or Not)
    Well that was all boys and girls! I hope I can hear from you soon! This has been Ultra Paradox, signing off!

    (My apologies for any errors I may have made when writing this!)
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  2. I think I may have a few RP ideas.
  3. Awesome! Private message me and then we'll talk about these ideas you may have! :)
  4. As someone who thinks we would get along swimmingly just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming ... what do we do, we swim!, I would be interested in doing a romance one. Should you be!! I, too, am a big believer in quality, not necessarily quantity. My strange and unpredictable schedule doesn't always allow me to reply multiple times a day, so if that doesn't deter you and you would like to engage in role-play stuffs, then yay C:
  5. I would like a romance rp please pm me
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