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  1. You walk through a dark rusted door, I was sitting down at a desk jotting down ideas. Stacks of paper piled up beside me. The floor boards creak under you and I fall out of my chair startled. I stand up and look at you.

    Gosh! Don't scare me like that, oh- OH

    You must be here because of the post~

    Well you see I don't really have everything organized perfectly yet so if I give you some information don't get all snappy with me if it's not professional and perfect. Let's see here....hm... Ah! here we are why don't you go look over some of the information below and that should help you get a good idea of what I am looking for.

    ~What I'm looking for~
    • Um..A partner?? thats kind of in the title??---- Get serious?? finnee party pooper​
    • Some one to hold a conversation with so I guess you gotta have common interests?​
    • Hoping to find some one at least kinda around my age but if not its all good​
    • I'm pretty simple honestly I don't ask for much, don't be a dick I guess??​

    What I can do?? Look at my information on my profile I guess I mean it's kinda hard for me to think of shit to say right off the bat. Not in roleplay though, I can snap to things so easily.​

    I really love and enjoy twisted, fucked up shit. Like Asylum roleplays, Murderers, Psychopaths, Vigilantes, Assassins, Dark towns, stuff like that.

    Well I guess thats it sorry x3 pm if you are interested XD
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  2. Just passing through but I just had to say that your introduction is my favourite XDD
  3. How does a cyberpunk vigilante noir sound? It's dark, moody, and violent.
  4. It sounds amazing pm me and we can discuss it further~

    Thank you ^-^ I try really hard to draw people's attention pm me to discuss plot and all that good stuff
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.