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Hi there just wanted to throw out there that i'm looking for roleplay partners my style of roleplaying is generally quite different and my roleplays are all Non Linear to focus on Character development and such.

i'm not new to roleplaying or this site despite my account being new i was actually on this site a few years ago but my account was suddenly gone one day either way I love roleplaying personally and would love to roleplay with some of you all, now i have some requirements that need to be met i hope thats alright, feeel free to message me and we can discuss all sorts of ideas :)

You have to be atleast 18 or older, from personal experience i never had an easy time with younger Roleplayers as they caused unneccessary difficulties so this is more or less maturity wise I will sometimes do exceptions depending on the person themself but other than that 18 or older sorry bout that.

I will definitely state Paragraph Roleplaying for me unfortunately is a no I can't do it because of my extremely busy work life i can give 3 full sentences max im sure we can work something out in any event.

if you happen to suddenly disappear off the site from events don't worry i'll just send a friendly message.

Try to keep the course of the rp going i've have several roleplayers break the course by ignoring what my character was doing/saying to them and acting like my character wasn't there this was an issue for awhile

last but not least please do not take control of my character for any reason as i frown upon this as do many other roleplayers.

well that covers it i hope my requirements aren't too harsh i'm fairly easy to get along with so by all means shoot me a message and i'll discuss with you have a nice day :)
Not open for further replies.