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  1. Hey there are some pairings I thought of :)
    *Romance I love doing
    * I play female and I can play male but I rather play it as my double cause I'm a bit rusty so be patient with me
    * If your going to drop let me know so I'm not wondering where you went it won't hurt my feelings. :)
    * I post 1-3paragraphs I try my hardest to not post one liners.
    * I don't do fxf or mxm
    * I don't do incest
    * I can do mature rps as long as it not all sex and there is a plot
    Student x student
    Teacher x student
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Nerd x jock
    Shy x popular
    Kidnapper x victim
    Human x vampire
    Human x werewolf
    Demon x human
    Angel x demon
    Angel x human
    Rockstar x shy girl
    Princess x prince
    Prince x servant
    Royal x bodyguard
    Princess x knight
    Princess x servant
    * Please Make any suggestions and I will mostly likely say yes as long there not fandoms I don't do those sorry.
    * I rather you pm me I may not check here only once a week maybe two so pm is better

    I also have plots that I can tell you of if you ask
    I do have few plot ideas just ask me and I can tell you :)
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  2. Still looking
  3. Hi there I am new to this site but I was wondering if you would like to RP with me? I saw your post and was wondering if you'd like to?
  4. Hey I am interested in Princess x knight
  5. Pm me :) and we can talk more about it
  6. Im interested in StudentXStudent if youd be ok with that. :)
  7. I'll take ideas to if anyone has any :)
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