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I am DJae.
Here's a basic list of expectations I prefer for my rp partners:
1. I prefer my rp partners to be Beginner to Intermediate roleplayers. I don't like one-liners, but I also can't keep up with multi-paragraphs.
2. I play MxF (I am female if the plot is romantic) or MxM. I prefer not to do FxF..it just makes me a little uncomfortable.
3. If things get a little steamy in a romance rp, Fade to black. Sorry, no negotiation.
4. If you have to leave the roleplay for any reason, I BEG you to let me know before hand! You don't even have to explain why, but I would like to know that you're leaving. I will do the same for you.
5. I am open to any ideas you might have, or any plots. I also am okay with outside-rp chat.
6. I prefer PMs, but I can do thread rps.
7. I tend to write 3rd person, but I do occasionally write first person.
If this helps:
[btn=modd|https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/members/djae-writer-chick.10073/]My Roleplay Resume[/btn]
That's about it as far as expectations go..

Below I have listed my plots in time and genre groups. The character I would like to be is bolded. If nothing is bolded, then I am fine with either part. I am open to any plots or ideas you might have, dear potential partner!!

Character A is a (fantasy species) that is outcasted by most humans for the untrue belief that they are dangerous. Being accused of a crime they did not commit, Char A flees from the royal guard. In their attempt to escape, they bump into Char B. Char B decides to help C...but can they make it out alive?
A young royal has now turned 18, the age to be wed in their country. Their mother wants them to fall in love with someone, not be arranged to marry, however, their father wants them to marry another young royal to join their kingdom with another very powerful kingdom. The young royal, torn between following their father or their mother, runs away... While evading anyone who might contact their parents, the young royal runs into a commoner. Will they fall in love? Will the commoner send the young royal home? What will happen...?

A teacher is hired to teach an honors English class, and at first, things go pretty smooth...until one of their best students suddenly turns. Disruptive, late, won't do any work, and rude, the student seemed to have lost all control. The teacher wants to help this student and gives them 'detention', telling the student to meet the teacher every afternoon. Can the teacher piece together what happened, and how to fix it?
A student transfers to a new school in a new town in a new country. The school assigns them a guide to show them around, but after the first class, the student never sees this guide again. Lost and without anyone to ask for help, the student finds them-self at the hands of the bullies. Who will step up and help?
A mental patient is moved to a new hospital because the one they were in previously could not contain them anymore. The fake smiles and unkind care from the new doctors only made the patient worse...until a new doctor came in. The patient didn't mind this new doctor being around. This doctor was kinder, and actually seemed to care...So can this doctor help this patient who's been deemed impossible actually get better..?
In a quiet little neighborhood is a nice couple with 2 kids, one who is 6, the other who is 9. They decide to adopt an older kid. They knew the adoption agency had said this older kid acted weird sometimes...but they didn't know the older kid could see ghosts. They also didn't know that in their house was a ghost and that that is why most people never stayed more than two weeks...So what happens when strange things begin to happen around the house only three days after they bring their new adopted kid home?
Character A is taking a morning jog as per normal when they run into Character B, who is injured and half-conscious. Char A takes Char B home to help them. They find out Char B cannot remember anything before waking up. They don't remember where they came from, who they were...or even their powers... Char A decides to help Char B adjust to society and tries to help them remember their past..

No one thought it was possible, but aliens had taken over Earth. Over half of the population was killed or abducted, the other half left to live in the ruins of what used to be a great, powerful society. The survivors must fight for food, shelter, and weapons and avoid the disease-ridden corpses and people who roam the streets like zombies. The days are hot and dusty, the nights are freezing and dry. How will you survive?
Decades have passed since NASA shut down, and just a few years ago a new space program opened. Now, they've announced that they're sending a new shuttle into space. It's called the Xeno Model 41, or X41 for short. They've hired the best crew imaginable, with all the highest ranks and the best history a crew could have and send them up... Will they be the first humans to make it outside of the galaxy?
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I would like to try out the post apocaliptic rp idea of yours ^^ if you don't want to do that one, I wouldn't mind doing the second modern fantasy idea
I'm liking the Second Modern Fantasy as well. As well as the Medieval Fantasy.

I would prefer being the Supernatural Being for the Second Modern Fantasy, but either role for the Medieval Fantasy.
I am interested in the young noble and commoner RP.
I like the highschool modern 2 idea...
I'll gladly do medieval realistic, if available.
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