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  1. Uhm so uhhhh . . . . yeah . . . Hi! So uhm welcome to my page. So Uhm I don't have many rules other then no one liner. Also AI do like story with my plot. so I'll just cut to the chase. I am new here so give me a break but here is a few simple Ideas that I'm willig to work out with people let me know if anything catches your eye!

    I preffer to play female but in some cases I will play male ^__^ also I preffer FxF over MxM

    *Bulley victimxJock

    Mute GirlxSinger/DJ

    *OrphanxRich Kid

    PhilanthropistxPoor Girl

    Cancer PatientxBest Friend

    So there is a couple of Ides. Anything with a * in front of it I really want to try.
  2. I'm interested in FxF Orphan x Rich kid or Mute girl x Singer/DJ =)
  3. If interested in have several Fxf ideas for role plays. Feel free to pm me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.