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  1. Rules

    -No one liners
    -Post as often as you can, notify me otherwise
    -I like to chat to build relationships
    -I only play Submissive/Bottom males, or the female
    -All parings can be MxM or MxF

    oles i want to play are in bold

    -Futuristic, Space pirate x slave. Slave is a different race which is forced, through some sort of magic, to be a slave. Space pirate, being a bit of a rebel, rescues slave but then doesn't know what to do with him/her. Slave, no where else to go pledges loyalty.
    *with this the pirate can still be the submissive one, or the female.

    -Fantasy, Wounded warrior x Elf. Self explanatory. Forrest elves find warrior, and love happens between the one that heals the warrior and the warrior himself.

    -Fantasy, Prince/Princess x Mercenary. prince/princess runs away from palace to find some sort of artifact that will save the people from the 5 year drought, he/she hires mercenary to help them find it.

    -Modern, Demon x human. Human has been diagnosed with a strange sickness that gives them only one year left to live. With many regrets they, using magic which is normal in this universe, summon a demon to make a wish. One wish before they die.
    *either role can be the submissive or female.

    -Fantasy/Medieval, cursed beast x Innocent. A man cursed by a revengeful ex-lover, is doomed to live in the Gothic castle deep within the forest for the rest of time. For time does not touch him. When fate drops and innocent girl/boy (no younger then 16) into his hands he must learn to live with another, to protect them, and to be gentle. But his curse has left him looking less than human, can another love him as he is?
    *the curse can be anything, from turning into a were-beast, to being a monster that feeds off blood, or to looking like a monster at every moment of the day. You pick.


    Co-worker x Co-worker

    Brother x Brother/sister

    Bullied x Popular Guy

    Knight x Noble man/woman

    Friend x Friend

    Daughter/ Son x Mom's boyfriend
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  2. I'm interested in Brother/Sister or Daughter/Mom's boyfriend, and possibly Knight/Noble woman.
  3. Still looking :)
  4. I love your Demon x Human idea.. If you are up for it can we do that one?
  5. Haha, i was just sending that plot over to you. That's great :) I'll edit my message to you ^.^
  6. Sweet ^^ I love that kinda pairing but people don't seem to like the idea much
  7. Hey I would be interesting in doing the Cursed Beast x Innocent Idea
  8. That's great:) I'm on my phone trying to figure a few things out on my computer before I get on to doing :\
  9. that's fine take your time. You ok with making this MxM?
  10. I prefer it that way ^.^ I only play submissive roles though
  11. perfectly fine with that ^^
    as for character images that go with our Character sheets, do they have to be anime or could we use real or realistic looking pictures?
  12. Which ever you prefer. I use anime or realistic art.
  13. I'm interested in Daughter x Mom's BF or Your modern rp with the demon
  14. alright, just pm me whenever you figure everything out and want to get started ^^
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