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  1. Heyo everyone! Seeing as how a lot of my partners just drop off the face of the earth for some damn reason I'm looking for more partners! (And I mean they full on leave Iwaku...or get banned...*sigh*)

    Hmm I have a few pairings I want to do, first off I'd like to play the male in any of these pairings, and I'm open for plot changing and chatting with my partners! No point making an rp someone doesnt enjoy right?

    I should make a little note here on the left is my role, also I REALLY love forced, pregnancy, and mind break, also up to making any of these pairings those characters but my character turns the other into a sexual slave so just keep that in mind. I find romance a bit boring but I can do more kinky romances or dark romances.
    Younger TeenxOlder Woman
    Any Harem Idea
    HumanxAnthro Slave
    HumanxSlave(Not broken)
    HumanxOne of his slave's children (14 and up of course)
    HumanxWild Anthro
    Wild AnthroxWild Anthro
    Wild AnthroxHuman
    SlavexMaster (Reversal, slave breaks out his bonds and puts his master in it)
    KidnapperxPolitical Figure
    Younger BrotherxOlder Sister

    Just another little thingy for you to look at! Its my F-List. https://www.f-list.net/c/nickk/

    So yea...I like anything generally, those are just what I've been wanting for a while. Pm me if you want to rp hope to see you soon! If you have any pairings you want to do or try out shoot me a message. I really like more extreme things~
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  2. I'm still looking guys! Those plots up there are just what I've been craving as of late, I'm generally ok with any plot you could give me! And if we've rped before and maybe it didnt work out feel free to still apply here. I'm sorry sometimes I either forget about an rp, or I do the wrong thing and dont give someone a message when I dont want to do it anymore. I'm sorry. But I really do want more partners!
  3. Sites policy says that a character has to be 14 and up to commit in sexual activities...

    Just so you know. Got told that a few times.
  4. Really? I thought it was 13 and up? I read that a lot, and I have included that alot without getting warned about it.
  5. *shrug*

    Got told by a community volunteer that.
  6. Well, if they warn me or a staffer mentions it then I'll change it, I'm pretty sure its 13. I've asked before. But thanks Akumulosis! *Drags you off to post*
  7. I might be up for some of these.
  8. Yee! Pm me buddy! We can discuss what you'd like to do.
  9. I would be willing . Give me a moment to get on a computer and I can PM. Unless you beat me to it.
  10. Yay! Shoot me a pm when you can. I'm a little busy atm.
  11. I am still searching! Jeez you people bury partner requests FAST nowadays.
  12. 14 and up.
  13. Got it! Sorry about that.
  14. No worries.

    If ever you are questioning something swing a message to a mod and they can tell you ^.^:downcat:
  15. Yea I did a while ago, and I was told it was 13 and up :/ hence why I thought it was 13.
  16. I can do some more digging around for you (I myself am asking a mod about this), but why not keep it at 14 for now until we get it cleared up?
  17. Theres a chance I could have read 13+ as 13 and higher but isnt that generally how it goes?
  18. I am pretty sure it's 14, but that's why I myself am looking into this ^.^
  19. Thanks buddy, sorry. I didnt mean to be breaking the rules, let me know what you find out.
  20. Don't sweat it, we all do it. I'll message you later ^.^
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