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  1. Kay is looking for a role-play partner!

    Well, I am obviously looking for a role-play partner, and you are obviously looking for one as well, so I hope I you find me interesting enough to actually consider being mine.

    about meh My name (on here at least) is Kay, but you may call me whatever you please. I do write a bit outside of role-playing, I'd like to think that I'm semi-good at it. I absolutely love drawing and playing guitar, in fact I may be doing just that while role-playing at the same time. I'm usually easy going and would go with whatever, unless I strongly disagree with something. I prefer others' happiness over my own, so that kind of plays into role-plays and the fact that I would do whatever idea that you strongly want.

    Role-plays I'm into I mainly do slice of life, a bit of supernatural and horror. I can get into fantasy and romance, but I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to those.
    I mainly play female if you're expecting a romance. If I play male in romance, he'd most likely be gay, and if I'm in a romance with another girl I'd most likely be already close to my partner, but I'm willing to stretch my comfort zone a bit if you really really want me to play male in and FxM or be in a FxF.
    I am open to any ideas and would love to improve my writing and get into some other genres. I really don't like sci-fi but if you have a REALLY good idea that may just spark my interest that we'll just have to wait and see.

    what I expect in a partner I am on this site way too often, so I expect at least one post a day.
    About length of the post, I much rather prefer at least one paragraph, but I understand peoples differences in writing ability so I'm cool with one liners.
    I'd much rather prefer not to do all the work either. If you have any ideas or want to put a plot twist in the role-play, go for it, I can't do all the work.
    I, myself, am a teen, so I will most likely play as a teen. That doesn't mean you have to, but just keep that fact in mind.
    I do have a thing on grammar, but I don't really say much about it, as long as it's still readable because I know some people aren't all that good with it.

    role-play ideas - Best friend conflicts.
    -siblings with home issues.
    -Twins separated at birth.
    -A group of people get stuck in an elevator, one of which is majorly claustrophobic (meh I think I'd prefer to play that one) and maybe there is one other person but they are.....different (I have too many thoughts for that one so you get to decide)
    -Demon x human
    -Child x babysitter
    - Someone falls in love with their best friend's brother/sister, but that person is into someone else
    -About a gang that lives off the money they get from selling drugs and shipping weapons and thievery
    -A couple of teens discover a hidden passageway
    -New kid x bad boy/girl
    -bully x victim
    - someone with a mental illness and a new student wanting to help that person, although that new kid is also going through some problems.
    The list will maybe grow, but if you have any ideas please say so, I'm open to anything
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  2. I'll RP with ya Kay!
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  3. Haha alrighty, any specific ideas??
  4. nope *takes this to a PM*
  5. I'm interested!
    I'm on here way too often for my own good, and can often do 5+ posts a day x]
  6. Haha well that makes you a good partner then xD
    Any specific ideas??
  7. Would you be interested in a demon hunt?
    Two partners who hunt demons?
  8. Haha like supernatural!
    Yeah, I'm cool with that, PM me?
  9. Still looking for rp buddies?
  10. Haha I'm always looking.
  11. Awesome which ones are up for doing since I like them all
  12. So far, just the child x babysitter has been taken. You can choose from whichever one you'd want, I don't mind what RP we do.
  13. Demon X Human
  14. Alright, let's brainstorm the plot over PM
  15. Still looking.
  16. Hiya Kay! I already love you as a person just from reading your 'About me' cute little box things. If you send me a PM then perhaps we can begin to talk, and maybe even Roleplay? ^-^
  17. More ideas have been added (always looking for partner...need more RPs >.<)
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