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  1. Hey guys! So, once again, I am looking for 1x1 partners. First things first:

    I expect posts to have good spelling and grammar.
    I'm not going to picky about post length, because that's something that can vary greatly depending on life circumstances and such- but I will say that I cannot work with one-liners or posts that are only 2-3 lines.
    If you can contribute to the story, please do! I love it when people suggest new ideas!
    I will more than likely not write smut. If I do, it is all going to be within Iwaku's rules.
    I have language ticked because I do swear in my writing and may occasionally swear OOC.
    I generally prefer MxF.

    Now, onto the interesting part- the plots! These are just ideas that I've had rattling around in my head for a while, and if you have anything you'd like to suggest, go for it!

    Let Them Sing:
    Two people meet one day, entirely by chance. Both of them are down on their luck and just want to give up and go curl up in a dark corner somewhere. And as they begin to talk, they realise that they're both in the same boat. Will this newfound connection help them conquer their problems? Or will those very problems ultimately tear them apart?

    Two people hook up on a night out. But after that one night stand, they keep coming across each other at random. One of them falls in love with the other- but the other person only dates the other to make an ex jealous.

    No Masters Or Kings:
    Character A is found by Character B after an accident/mugging/whatever. Character A has no ID or anything, so character B agrees to be their emergency contact. On waking, Character A meets Character B and falls in love, seeing them as their fairytale saviour.

    The Definition Of Not Leaving:
    Character A and Character B used to date in high school. They promised that they'd be together no matter what- but life got in the way, and they split up. They meet again a few years later, when everything has changed drastically for both of them.

    If you're interested, PM me or post here and we can discuss ideas!
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  2. I'll do the last one
  3. I like unapologetic.It is a very interesting storyline that I would love to see be rped.
  4. Let Them Sing has really piqued my intrest... I would love to rp with you! :D
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