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  1. Hello!
    I'm EtherealLights,
    but you can call me Dori. Yes, like the fish from Nemo!

    Anyways, the matter at hand is that I'm looking for roleplaying partners. All of these fandoms are anime, however. Just to let you know, before making you read everything :p

    Things you should know:

    -I have school, therefore sometimes I can't reply as much as I can. However, I will at least reply once every day, if I'm not overrun with other things.
    -I don't do smut. Sorry, but it's just unpleasant to write about sexual situations.
    -I don't bite! So don't be afraid to talk to me. If you want to take the role play into a different direction, I'm all ears!
    -I usually write 2-3 paragraphs at minimum, and I'd like for my partner to do the same. I understand if you don't have any inspiration, but please, no one-liners.
    -Proper grammar would be nice, but if you misspell a couple of words here and there, it's not like I'm going to kill you!
    -For OC's, no Gary/Mary Sues. No god modding either.
    -I'm a sap and I like romances. So all of these are romance!
    -Yes these will all be romance, but the plot won't be centered around it. We need action! Adventure! All that cool jazz.
    - I only do MxF. I'm really not comfortable with FxF or MxM.


    Fairy Tail:
    Natsu x Lucy
    Natsu x OC
    Gray x Juvia
    Gray x OC
    Erza x Jellal
    Levy x Gajeel
    OC x OC

    The Seven Deadly Sins:
    Ban x OC
    King x OC
    King x Diane
    OC x OC

    Knights of the Zodiac/ Saint Seiya Franchise:
    Seiya x OC
    Hyoga x OC
    Shiryu x OC
    Ikki x OC
    Shun x OC
    Shaka x OC
    Milo x OC

    Anything Studio Ghibli

    Black Bullet:
    Rentaro x OC
    Shoma x OC

    Akame ga Kill:
    Tatsumi x OC
    OC x OC

    (I'm still in the middle of watching it so I'm only going to put one pairing)
    Haru x OC

    Attack on Titan:
    Levi x OC
    OC x OC

    Avatar the Last Airbender:
    OC x OC

    Captain Harlock/ Capitaine Albator:
    OC x OC
    (I'll love you forever if you know what this is)

    OC x OC

    I'll add some later, but this is it for now.

    Don't hesitate to PM me or post on this thread of you're interested!
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  2. You literally had my heart when you said anything Studio Ghibli! But, I also love Avatar! I'm so open to plot with you!
  3. Ahh, I love Studio Ghibli! It's what introduced me to the anime world, along with a couple of other animes :D

    So, which one would you like to do?
  4. Same here! Could you give me a list of your top favorite Ghibili's then we can choose from there? ^^
  5. Oh jeez. You're talking about all of them... XD

    Nausicäa of the Valley of the Wind
    Princess Mononoke
    Castle in the Sky
    Spirited Away
    Howl's Moving Castle
    Porco Rosso
    My Neighbor Totoro
    Tales of Earthsea (technically made by Miyazaki's son, but oh well :p)
    Kiki's Delivery Service
    The Cat Returns

    The Wind Rises and When Marnie Was There are new, and I prefer staying with the older movies.

    I'm sorry it's so long... ^^'
  6. No worries! No worries! I'm glad you are an actual fan though! That is great to know you love them all! :D

    But, I would say.. I would have more ideas for plots if we did Kiki's and Spirited Away. Y'know?
  7. Yeah, the older ones are the best x)

    Oh, I completely agree! They're both some of my favorites, so I'm good. ^^
  8. I love AoT and Avatar if you want to do one of those?
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  10. I would love to try a Fairy Tale roleplay with you ^_^
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  11. @Tessaly

    Sure! Just PM me, and we'll get everything sorted out c:
  12. I would love to do a Fairy Tail rp with you!
    Do you write double so we both play a male and female part? If not, it's cool. I just wanted to check!
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