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Looking for Partners! Up for Suggestions!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lewi, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Hello! I a searching for some one on one partners because i've hit a bit of a slow spot. Below are my details. Also feel free to check my mature and regular resumes.

    1. I like rping over forum, messenger, or email.

    2. I rp mxf pairings only, and I prefer to play female.

    3. Romance is a must. XD I hope that's not a problem. And I don't mean sex, though that is fine too.

    4. I will rp nearly any genre. Fantasy, Modern, Gifted, Odd Pairings, etc. I do a ton of things, way to many for me to list, and I don't really have a craving right now, so you'll just have to post and see if I say yay or nay. More than likely I will give it a shot.

    5. I also will do anime and some fandoms!

    6. Literacy or length doesn't matter to me, though I like long posts sometimes, just keep it interesting and we'll be cool!

    7. Please by all means, IF YOU LOST INTEREST TELL ME! I hate waiting on replys and clearing out subscriptions like i'm having to do now.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Hey, i'm looking to start something up to pass the time. I reply very quickly and I will never do a one liner :D

    Generally, I play a female character, but I’m comfortable playing a male if that’s what you prefer. I love fantasy and I’m open to other types as well. Did you have anything particular in mind?</SPAN></SPAN>
  3. You cut yourself off lol. You love fantasy and?....
  4. i would be willing to rp a male character in a fantasy setting if youre interested. maybe something with elves, dragons and whatever other kind of beings we come up with?
  5. sure. Sounds interesting. XD I usually play a human when it comes down to that. Is that alright?
  6. yeah thats fine by me :D is there any main plot ideas youre particularly interested in? im pretty sure my character will be a elf male by the way
  7. That's fine. Is it alright if I use an intro i've used around Iwaku before? It deals with my character whose father abuses her and is a mob boss tyoe guy. It's also set around a college.`
  8. go for it :3 just link me once you have it posted