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  1. Hello everyone I'm Danigirl but you can just call me Dani, I'm new to this site but certainly not new to role playing. I'll pretty much rp anything that's thrown my way except for the stuff I don't understand or just happens to be way to out of the box. I love doing supernatural themed rps, will give out various plots that might involve the supernatural, the 1st one is Romeo, Juliet themed. So here goes nothing, below will be a list of my likes, dislikes. I'm a paraposter or at least I try to be a para poster, usually type 1-2 paragraphs give or take more if given the right muse.

    Forbidden Love: You've all heard the story of Romeo,Juliet. Well let me tell you another story about two vampire lovers, a waging war between two different clans. Meet two vampire lovers because of the feud these two are forbidden to be with each other. But they won't let a fight stop them from being together forever, the thought of their families finding out is trivial but for them it could mean death. Or the end of the feud will these two star crossed lovers live to see the next moon? Or will their families continue to fight until they are both dead?


    Supernatural themed. ( Werewolf witch etc.)

    Angel/Demon or Demon/Angel Even Angel/Human

    Comic Book (Dc Marvel etc)

    Buffy Angel, Charmed, Supernatural

    Harry Potter (Beginning or after deathly Hallows)

    Greek or Roman God or Goddess/Human

    Anime.. (I love to watch it but refuse to rp it, I also refuse to use anime pictures. I'll only use them when I can't find celebs.)

    Video games-I don't play them to begin with, will not rp them for the same reason I won't rp anime. That, the fact that I've never rped a video a game a day in my life.

    Anything I'm not sure of, or is to far out of the box for me.

    Horror (Major Dis Interest.)

    Anything Animal themed. (no interest there sorry.)

    Post Apocalyptic Themed Rpgs. (Not a huge fan.)

    One Liners. (I normally try to type 3-5 sentences which is a paragraph, I expect the same back. Anything less then that is hard for me to respond to. I have been known to type more have been known to type more but my muse has to be in the right element.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.