Looking for partners (suggest and I will say yay or nay)

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  1. It seems for me as of late that roleplays are becoming sparse. I've got some good ones going, but I would like a few more, for I am in the stage of only getting a couple replies a day and I have free time to burn. Please! Suggest! At this point i'm up for nearly anything! I have a few ideas we could do myself, but I am open to almost ANYTHING at this point. Below is my information. 1. Romance please 2. MxF only 3. I prefer female 4. no incest (includes step anythings) 5. SUGGEST I would love to find something new to try.
  2. I am interested ^^ I'm always up for another RP especially one that is romance. I'm a sucker for romance. I don't have any set ideas right now but wouldn't mind wracking my little mind for something if you wanted to entertain ideas XD shoot me a pm if you're interested
  3. I'm not very accustomed to playing romance, but I do wish to try it out. May I suggest one about two people in a fantasy setting who have a romance, but the catch is that one of them (depends on you) will die once he/she becomes too emotionally bonded to another due to a curse, and really does die at the end. Cliche, but that way we can terminate the RP artfully if it doesn't work out.
  4. I see. Clever idea but just not my style. I'd like to discuss more with you. Perhaps on a different topic.
  5. Very well, just PM me if in case you want to discuss it in length.