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  1. After a break I'm ready to start role playing again. just looking for some fin people to role play with.
    Fandom (open)

    dragon Ball z (would like for out characters to start pretty weak and get stronger as things go)
    Gurren Laggan [would like to use the plot from the show although with oc's)
    Soul Eater [ oc meister x oc weapon]
    Pokemon [oc x oc]
    Dexter [For this I would like to make oc's with one person being the dexter esque and the other being a cop victim or whatever they please.]
    Willing to double if you have a pairing you want.
    Also may be willing to do other fandoms if i am familiar with it.

    Pairings (open)

    Human x Pet (Neko, Kitsune... Etc)
    Traveler x priest (the priest is on the run from people who believe sacrificing her will awaken a demon. She meet the man who takes interest in fighting the men after her)

    Ummm... can't really think of any more but i'm an open person so just ask. I'll more than likely say yes.

    Well thats it if interested please PM me.
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  2. The thief x target pairing seems fun!
  3. Still looking for partners.
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  4. Would you be interested in college student/ex-bf rp?
  5. Sure just PM me.
  6. I'll do the naruto pairing with you! ^-^ Would you be willing to double up partners and play Kakashi for me?
  7. Sure I wouldn't mind playing Kakashi. PM me.
  8. Interested in Incubus x innocent girl if your still looking
  9. Human x Pet :)?
  10. I'm interested in doing a Soul Eater fandom if I could be the weapon
  11. I would like to do a Vampire x human but ah beside of the queen ah can you play as the vampire king?
  12. Yes to all of you. PM me.
  13. Is the Naruto one still open? 8D
  14. perhaps Soul Eater [ oc meister x oc weapon]?
  15. Sorry I'm not starting any new role plays at the time.
  16. Open once again
  17. i have a idea for a sin x human
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