Looking for partners, preferably active ones [mxm, fxf, whateverxwhatever]

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    Looking for someone who can reply daily, preferably several times. I have a lot of free time and really want to fill it up with some more roleplays. BUT, I'm also open for people who can't reply that much. The most important thing for me is that we both enjoy the roleplay.

    • Adults only.

    • I never just disappear. Please don't do the same. If you get busy, let me know. If you have to drop out, just say so. However, if you lose interest, it would be nice if we at least tried to fix it first.

    • I write 3-4 paragraphs, sometimes more. Honestly not that into long descriptions and all that–at least not in every post–, but prefer to focus on the dialog, plot and character development.

    • Can write any genders and pairings.

    • Want to write with someone where we can talk about and build on the plot together. Passive partners aren't fun.

    • As long as the plot and characters are fun and good, I enjoy pretty much any genre/theme.

    • Writing several characters are fun!

    • Can do fandoms if I'm familiar with them, but only OC.

    • Romance is fun, but not a must. (And I can write some smut, but I'm fine with just skipping it.)
    • English isn't my first language btw.

    I have some ideas/cravings, but I'm more than willing to hear yours or to plot out something together. Just please be sure you have the time for another roleplay. I'm tired of people dropping out after only a couple posts. It would also be nice if I could see some writing examples.

    Send me a PM!

    Cravings (open)
    Characters I would like to write:

    + Blind/deaf character
    + Any non binary character
    + Someone who can turn invisible
    + Shapeshifter
    + People with any supernatural powers
    + Photographer (so I for once can write something I actually know, haha)
    + S
    omeone norwegian (then we can have some language fun)
    + Untraditional vampire/werewolf/merman/whatever in a modern setting
    + Someone with memory loss (maybe one in a long term relationship)
    + (I can write "evil" characters, as long as they have a reason for doing the shit they do.)


    + Sci-fi (not that into aliens though)
    + Action and adventure
    + Dystopia
    + Fantasy, set in a modern world
    + Supernatural
    + Post-apocalypse
    + Science/research facility/human testing
    + Clones and weird things like that
    + Kidnapping
    + Out of the ordinary relationships, like polyamory
    + Plots with groups! I like writing several characters.

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  2. Added a couple things. Still looking :)
  3. I mean I'm not adult but I would be interested.
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