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    Hey there! So, I'm sick and bored at the moment. It sucks. But, I'm also looking for a few more roleplays. Even if we're already doing a thread together, I'd be cool with doing another.

    I should probably do an intro. Yo! I'm Al/El/Tragic (you can literally call me anything; I don't really care, to be honest), a female in her teens. I live in the US of A, and I'm on a lot, with the exception of school and such. That said, replies might be slow in some cases, as the end of the school year is coming, and my teacher adores giving me research essays on Charles Dickens.

    I do almost every genre, and any pairings(MxM, FxF, FxM), but I do not do fandom with cannon characters being used or furry. Both make me a bit uncomfortable, sorry!

    If you want to roleplay, hmu in the comments of this, or pm me!! Either is fine!

    • An elderly man on a generation ship is convinced that the pilot computer is lying, and that the ship was not actually built, but created by God. He preaches his new religion and, slowly, he gathers followers.
    • After dozens of volcanoes erupt in a single day, the sky is blotted out by volcanic ash. With no sunlight, the earth begins to freeze.
    • When the government goes to war with a tiny, Middle Eastern country, the soldiers run into a little problem: no matter how many times they shoot the enemy, they keep getting back up.
    • The ultra-wealthy keep werewolves as exotic pets.
    • Only the Secret Society of Fire Fighters knows that seemingly ordinary house fires are caused by Fire Elementals. In order to put out the fires, the fire fighters have to kill them
    • In order to avoid a blizzard, the mayor of a small town has to sacrifice to the Snow Demons
    • A powerful advertising company announces that it is building its own city. Fifty thousand people move in and are given free food and housing, as long as they watch commercials on television. However, the advertising quickly moves from television to the real world, and become more and more intrusive, gradually increasing to the level of psychological torture.
    • Character A is a well known detective in the 1930s. They get called into a lot of cases, but lately has been getting more gruesome ones that are harder to solve. They all seem to be connected, but how is the question. The other is how Character B fits in, as they have been seen on all the scenes of such crimes.
    • Character A runs a haunted flower shop. Character B is the mischievous ghost that haunts said shop. Character B seems to think that Character A is the one that killed them, and that’s why they’ve set out to make Character A miserable. Character A knows that they haven’t killed anyone, thank you very much, and they set out to find who dunnit.
    • Character A has been losing a lot of stuff, lately. Actually, everything from their jacket to their extra buttons has just up and gone. Character B, a fairy-like creature currently residing in the basement of the house, seems to be the cause of it. But Character A can’t figure out why Character B is even here in the first place, or what they need all this stuff for.
    • Character A is a witch. Unfortunately, they’re a witch without a familiar. So, they set out to find one. Character B is one demon they come across, but seems to have no interest in helping them out. Character A tries to convince them
    • Character A is the niece/nephew of a scientist. Of course, A doesn't know what type, or even what their uncle was researching. They only knew of him because their mother told them about him. But, years later, A's uncle suddenly dies, and, in his will, leaves practically everything to A, including the huge house he owned, in a secluded area on a hill.

      Of course, being broke, A moves to the mansion. They go through all of the stuff, and find a journal, with little notes made out to them on sticky notes, and pages filled with various journal entries, which speak of their uncle and his assistant, Character B, conducting research on some unknown thing. Important information has been blocked out on the pages with ink scribbled over the words, and drawings just blotted out.

      Curious about this, A sets off to find character B and find out more about their uncle's research.
    • Character A is someone who has, unfortunately, been getting headaches for their whole life. Oh, yea, and they can also kind of see the future. Not that they tell anyone that. B is a assasian, just trying to do their job, but they keep getting foiled by character a, who just seems like a annoying civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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  2. Hey! I'll be waiting for that list of plots because I'll literally write anything.
  3. If you want, I can send them to you over pm! I have part of a list ready already (But unfortunately not the full things yet :') )
  4. That would be wonderful!
  5. Hello I can try to do an rp with you :3
  6. alright, cool! Would you like me to pm you a list of ideas?
  7. Yes please ^_^
  8. small list added!
  9. Still looking! More plots will be added soon!
  10. Hey! Still looking. No more plots, though, unfortunately ;~;
  11. Hi! I'm about to leave for work and don't have time to write out a super detailed message, but HOLY COW have you got some really awesome plot ideas in here, and I would love to RP with you. I'll look over them in more detail when I get home tonight and let you know which ones I'm interested in, but I just wanted to give a quick reply and let you know I'm intrigued.
  12. Alright, cool! Ah, yea, feel free to pm me whenever about the one you want to do, I'm on almost 24/7 with the exception of sleeping.
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