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  1. Hello,
    I would like to start some new roleplays! I usually do 1x1 but really small groups (no more than 4 persons) can be nice as well, as long as everyone can wait for everyone.

    I will start by a quick introduction of myself, as many people like to know who they are talking to ? So, I am Seiden, a 22 years old boy from France. English is not my natural language and I just started writing and roleplaying in English, then I will do lots of mistakes. You are free to help me to correct my mistakes, as I really want to improve. Thus, if you are looking for someone who is able to write long novels with complex and elaborate phrasings and vocabulary... I'm not your man.

    Anyway, here are my roleplay preferences.

    - My partner : I would prefer someone who is at least 16 years old. I just would not be comfortable with a kid or young teen. Also, even if I do mistakes myself, I would like you not to do too much mistakes. Because I will learn from you, then, if you do mistakes, I will learn your mistakes as well and think they are right... Some spelling errors are okay, as long as your writings are still correct.

    - Posts style and length : I really do not give care at all about post length. I am here for the characters and the roleplay, I really do not mind if you write 17 paragraphs or two lines. I want you to have well-constructed characters and to play them well, I do not want you to be a professional writer. For the same reasons, do not expect me to write long posts. I am really uncomfortable with English anyway, then I can not do too long things. When a post requires to be long, it will be long, but when short is enough, then do short. Mostly for dialogues, and quick interactions. If you try to make it long, you will probably not allow my character to reply and react quickly. T

    - Availability : I do not have many free time and does not have much time for roleplays. Do not expect me to be active daily. I can not ensure one reply a day. If we do a really casual roleplay where each reply is one or two lines long, then I can reply several times a day, but if you expect at least a paragraph from me, it would rather be several times a week.

    - OOC chatting : I do not need OOC chatting, I am perfectly fine if we do not have any contact beside the roleplay. But I am still willing to discuss with you, whatever the topic. I do not mind. Both are fine to me.

    - Medias : the media does not matter much, I am currently trying things and does not have a preference yet. But, hey, we are on a roleplay forum, so the easiest would be to stay in there. I prefer threads but private messages are perfectly fine as well. I just do not like chatrooms.

    - Themes : I can roleplay both with and without plots. I am fine with plot-less stories where we just set up a universe and a beginning, and I also love slices of life in a normal setting where nothing dramatic happens. I like plots as well, as long as they still give enough freedom to our characters. I have a really few ideas in mind, but, of course, feel free to offer yours !
    I like many genres : modern realistic, casual slice of life, futuristic (can be optimistic future with awesome technologies or a return to nature, or can be apocalyptic, or a sad future where everything is ruined... I love all futures), -punk genres, science fiction (robots, space and planet exploration...), tribal... I am less comfortable with historical settings and fantasy.

    - My characters : I will mostly play humans, anthros and furries. Not really looking for ferals for now. I mostly play male characters but I can give a try at females too. I give a strong importance to my characters and want them to be well-developed and appear like real living beings. Developing psychologies, even the simplest ones, is the thing I love the most in roleplay.

    - Pairings : I am not looking for romance. I will not force my characters to fall in love. Never. If romance has to happen, then it will happen, bit I will never choose "romance" as a roleplay plot or theme. I have nothing against romance and it is always nice if my character falls in love but just don't ask to plan it and force it. If it happens, every genders and pairing are accepted as long as it does not mix adults and minors. However, I will not play smut. Our characters can have sex, and I do not mind what you write about it, but I will not write any sexual thing myself.

    Alright, this was long, but it is done.

    Now, let's go to the few ideas I have ?
    They are just basic ideas for now, because they are based on the character/idea I would like to play but I still want you to have a good freedom over the character you wants to play, so, instead of directly saying "you play this and you want this and you do this", I just give overall guidelines, and then we build something that includes what you want as well.

    Bold represents YOUR character
    Italic represents MY character

    - Fandom : Pokemon roleplay
    This is the only fandom I will do. I do not have any specific plot for this, I just REALLY want to play my pokemon trainer OCs. Offer anything among this!

    - World Travelers or Time Travelers
    A man from our world is transported into another world... It can be a fantasy alternate universe, or another planet, or whatever... And he meets someone native from this world. Your character can be anything : a normal person that know nothing about the existence of other worlds, or maybe the scientific that brought my character to their world ?
    A man from our modern era is transported into another historical era... being past or future. If it is the past, maybe my character is brought to some obscure era where he may be accused of sorcelery? Will your character try to protect him, or will he/she be the one trying to accuse or kill him? If it is the future, is your character used to time travelling? Did they build a time-travel machine ?
    Your character can be anything !

    - A story becomes real
    It is about a book writer, rather known for his/her successful crime fictions. He/her likes to write at the terrace of his/her favourite bar, finding inspiration in the city he/her lives in which is also the one where his/her stories take place. When, someday, he/she sees him. This man that is walking down the street in front of his/her eyes is his/her very own creation, the one he/she is currently writing about at the same moment. He/she is sure it is him, his/her character, that is suddenly alive!

    - Guardian Angel
    A man/woman is doing real shit with his/her life and his/her guardian angel braves the divine law to come down on Earth and tell him/her about it...

    - Consciences conflict
    To each human being is attributed an angel and a demon. The demon tries to make their life worst or to push the human to do evil actions, wille the angel tries to make their life better and push them to do good actions... Of course, the demon and the angel can interract with each other, and it often ends in verbal, nay physical fights. Would they brave the laws to come down to Earth and talk to the human to try to have a better control on him/her than the other one ?
    For this one, either you play the demon and the human is just a NPC, either the human is really well included within the story (if both the Angel and the Demon comes down to Earth to stay with him daily) and it could be a roleplay with three partners (unless you want to do both characters, it does not matter much to me).

    For the following ones, I would love to play a robot character. I really want to play with their "personality" and "psychology". It would be Asimov-like robots : human enough to be interesting, but still way more to the robot-side than the human side. They would not be mechanical humans, they would really be robots, but with some kind of really developped artificial intelligence that may bring some kinds of feeling to them... But still in a robotic way.

    - An unexpected toy
    A kid is given a robot pet for their birthday. However, the toy seems to have more intelligence than it should....

    - The perfect boyfriend
    A woman (or maybe a man) buys a robot that is supposed to be her life companion, an almost living toy, or a boyfriend substitute. The robot has to obey her and act life it it loved her. But of course, its behaviour is fake, and, while it still try its best to please its human, it starts to question some things...
    (the robot can be female-looking of course, but I would prefer it to be meant to be a romantic substitude rather than a sexual toy... this is why I would prefer a female human with a male-looking robot)

    - Camouflage
    Sciences now makes robots that not only have a high A.I. and can imitate feelings and emotions, but also perfectly looks like humans. However, one of these new prototypes managed to escape. It tries to hide amongs the humans, making them think it is one of their own. It will meet some human (your character can be anything) that has no clue of its identity. Will the robot be able to hide what it really is, while it still have to obey its fundamental laws ? Will the human discover the truth? If so, what will he/she do about it?

    - Creating life
    A curious scientist tries to create a robot that would be just like a human, having true feelings and emotions, and able to think by its own... Their new prototypes is really promising. Will the tests be satisfying ? What will the scientific do with their creation now ?
  2. I have a non romance idea if you'd be interested. Pm me and we can talk about it! ^-^
  3. Interested in a story becomes real :)
  4. @Blox
    Nice, thank you :D
    Is there anything specific you would like (character-wise or plot-wise, anything...) ?
    Honestly I do not know how to start roleplays with people as I am new to this, do I just create a thread and start?
  5. I do not require romance in a RP either. If it happens, it happens. I'd like to do a Pokémon RP with you, If you don't mind, that is.
  6. Maybe start from the beginning of a journey. Start with Starters and capture Pokémon along the way.
  7. Actually, I've done this so much I would like to do something different...
  8. Alright, then what would you like to try?
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