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  1. Ok! A quick snippet about myself: I'm 19, going on 20, and I'm looking for adult roleplayers. Personally, I like to think I can provide decent grammar and spelling, along with a good couple paragraphs per post minimum. I truely do appreciate a challenge, so if you're up to it, we could push for as many paragraphs as you think we can do. Go on, I dare you. Either way, you'll likely get at least one post a day out of me. I do expect the same.
    A few of my favorites when it comes to RPing would be romance, conflict, character development, adventure, fantasy, and even sci-if. I play both male and female characters, and I do all the pairings. I can write smut, though such scenes only happen when the story calls for it. Now, sometimes, the story calls for a lot of it, so don't panic. I can say that the only thing I don't really care to play has to be slice-of-life... Well, and fandoms.
    Last thing: you may end up having to PM me so you can remind me I owe you a reply. Seriously, if it comes to that, don't be shy. Sometimes I need a little nudge to actually pull through.​

    Pairings! (open)
    Italics are the role I wish to play. Bold are... Special, alternate story pairings.

    Scientist X construct
    Mage X construct
    Vampire X freshly-turned vampire
    Space pilot X Alien
    Promiscuous Space Pilot X Promiscuous Alien
    Cannibal X Prey

    Nomad X Native
    Slime girl X Alchemist

    And now for a few pre-made story ideas. I'm going to keep these vague, partially because I haven't figured it all out yet, and partially to keep it simple. So on that note, have some summaries!

    Man Of The North (open)
    The Summary: Fresh from the frozen continent to the North, the last of his tribe, a young adventurer washes up on the sandy beaches of the South. Clad in heavy skins of white fur, he knows nothing of this place. Despite this, he is on a quest: someone left his home in smoldering shambles, and he wants to return the favor. Help him with this, and you will be rewarded...
    Keywords: Adventure, romance, fantasy.

    Mark Of Nightmares (open)
    The Summary: A classic haunting. Screams can be heard from the old farmhouse down the street. Little do you know that a creature lies in wait, just for you. You are its freedom, it is your destiny, but... Is it the right thing to do? Horror, moral conflict, and gore run a plenty.
    Keywords: Supernatural, modern fantasy, romance, horror.

    If any of these strike your fancy, send me a PM. I'm usually pretty open to ideas, so don't be shy about suggestions~

    Now, have some extras, because everyone loves extras.

    Foka and the Nomad (open)


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  2. I'd love to do the Man of the North plot with you, I'm okay with either mxf or mxm.
  3. Hi~ We might be able to find a paring we both enjoy~~ <3 Look at my ad here

    I am always open to other plots than are listed too. I typically like dark, sad, creepy plots :3

    If you are interested pm me~~
  4. You! I remember you! I haven't seen your username in... over two years. O_O

    If you'd be interested in trying to resurrect our partnership with some necromancy style black magic, send me a message. :D
  5. Space pilot X Alien interested in doing this with you
  6. Mage X construct
    Vampire X freshly-turned vampire

    I would be interested in roleplaying either of these with you if you are interested.
  7. Hi there! I'm new 'round the site and looking for RP partners. The "Mark of Nightmares" plot seems really interesting (and right up my alley), and I also kinda like the sound of a Magician x Construct RP, if you'd be willing to hash out a plot for that in PM?
  8. I'd love to try out the Man of the North roleplay with you! Or to come up with a story for Mage x construct! PM me if you're interested! I roleplay as female so I'm okay with mxf or fxf
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