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  1. Hello there! As you know, I'm looking for some MxF onexone. I'm generally ok doing either genre, so that shouldn't be a problem. Just ask me because I have genre preferences on some plots. Well, there are a few things you should now before checking my interests:

    - I need people that write at least a paragraph. It mainly depends on you how much will I write, but I usually make two not really long paragraphs.
    - Romance, please. I would love at least a little romance on the RP, even if I don't want it focused on it. I also love drama, adventure, horror and many other themes, but at least a small dose of romance is a must.
    - I'd rather RP in threads and discuss via PM.
    - Please, I want active partners. I'm here almost everyday and I'd love fast replies. So, let's say, I expect an answer at least once every two/three days.
    - I don't do explicit sexual themes, but I'm perfectly fine with fade to blacks if you are over 18.

    I guess that's it ^^. Here I have a few ideas, but don't be afraid to ask me about other ones.

    The ones in bold are the roles I want.

    • Vampire x Hunter
    • Shifter x Human
    • Shifter x Shifter
    • Vampire x New Vampire
    • Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    • Princess x Knight
    • Thief x Victim


    TV shows

    Game of Thrones
    • Jon Snow x Daenerys
    • Jon Snow x Ygritte
    • Jon Snow x OC
    • Daenerys x OC
    • Jaime x OC
    • Oliver x Felicity
    • Oliver x OC
    • Thea x Roy
    • Oliver x any other DC character
    The walking dead
    • Daryl x Beth
    • Daryl x Michonne
    • Daryl x OC
    • Carl x OC

    • Dean/ Sam x supernatural OC
    • Castiel x OC demon
    The vampire Diaries
    • Damon x Elena
    • Damon x OC
    • Caroline x Niklaus
    • Damon x Katherine
    • Katherine x Niklaus
    Breaking bad
    • Jesse x OC
    • Dexter x OC


    Resident Evil
    • Leon x Ada
    • Leon x OC
    • Leon x Ashley
    • Wesker x Ada
    • OC x OC
    • Delsin x OC
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  2. Ahhh!! So many favorites!! What about Dean x OC and/or Damon x OC? Do you have preferences for those?
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  3. That's awesome! I'd prefer Damon x OC, because I've already done plenty of Dean RPs. PM me and we can discuss about it :)
  4. I'll send you one tomorrow since I need to go to bed now. (:
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  5. .... Daryl and Beth .... You have my attention. You have Namora's attention. 8D
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  6. That's amazing! It's definitely one of my favorite pairings :) I'll PM you in a bit
  7. Still looking for new roleplays
  8. The princess x knight idea and the theif x victim one both seem interesting. Would you want to roleplay one of those together?
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  9. I'd also like to do the princessXknight one, if that's still open.
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  10. I'll PM you (:
  11. Still looking for some pairings!
  12. I would be interested in the vampireXhuman if that one is still open :)
  13. Of course :) I'll PM you about it!
  14. I'd be interested in one of the following:
    Shifter x Shifter
    Shifter x Human
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
  15. I'll PM you :) And I won't be starting any more RPS for now, sorry!
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