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  1. Introduction

    Welcome to my request thread :)

    I'm in the GMT+1 timezone, I try to post at least once a day for all my rps and I'd prefer a partner who does the same.
    I play, in order of frequency, male, non-binary or female characters. I play switches (sekes) unless otherwise noted.
    In any of my plots/pairings, I am looking to play the bolded character. Any plot/pairing marked in blue is one I'm craving.
    Also please note that while I'm mostly looking to play mxm, I'm open for mxf or mxnb suggestions as well. Feel free to hit me up with ideas you think I might enjoy.


    1. Communication: If you have any issues with our rp, suggestions, need some time off, can't answer for more than a few days, please let me know via pm and I promise to do the same.
    2. Godmodding: For the uninitiated, this means controlling my character. Do not do this unless there has been prior discussion.
    3. Post length: I don't expect multi-paragraph answers because mine aren't usually on the extremely long side either, but I'd prefer at least a solid paragraph.
    4. Non-con, Rape, hardcore kink: Do not spring any of this on me. I love playing themes like that, but I require some prior discussions.
    5: Respect: If we are writing a rp featuring sensitive themes (lgbt+, minorities and the like) please be respectful. Homophobia or racism IC are okay with prior discussion.



    Mental patient/Mental patient
    Mental patient/Therapist

    Shapeshifter/Ordinary person

    Geek/Popular person
    Straight guy/Queer roommate



    A is a younger mentally unstable guy, perhaps with drug issues as well, who is very, very dependent on his therapist, B. But while he believes B has the best intentions B does nothing but use him, from using his mental state against him to forcing A to perform degrading sexual acts.

    (looking to play A)

    The geek and the star

    A is a walking stereotype of a geek. Only really interested in video games, rarely seen in the sun and deeply invested into the geekiest of series. He considers himself to be below average in terms of social skills and looks and thinks his only merit is his mind. He has all but given up on relationships until B steps into his life. B is popular, outgoing and pretty much the opposite of A, but for some reason still tries to win As favor. Now are Bs intention honorable or does he have a darker reason to approach A?

    (Would prefer to play A, but willing to do either)


    A is a patient in a mental ward, actually he's been there for most of his adult life. To the observer he seems ordinary and almost... sane, or at least more sane than one would expect.
    B, a new warden/patient, strikes up a friendship with the ever charming A. But there has to be some reason for A to be spending years in a psych ward, right?

    (Would prefer to play A, but willing to do either)​
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  2. I like the idea of band member x band member or geek x popular
    I work as an event manager so I don't always reply ASAP, but we've just had one of our events so I've got time :P
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  3. King x servant sounds cool as well
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