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  1. Hello everyone~ Okay... This is really sort of my first proper time trying to look around for a partner for some Libertine. In all honesty I haven't done this style too much but I just wanted to give a small try out to sort of see how it would go ^^;;

    Of course I would understand if you would want a more confident RPer but that is why I thought I would come and just see what will happen~ You never know until you try right~?

    OKay... So most of the types of genres I go for are....
    • Fantasy
      • Modern
      • More olden styled Fantasy, so more traditional fantasy style
    • Slice of Life
      • With this genre I tend to go more with Modern RPs but I can roll either way I enjoy the Vistorian Period Rps as well but of course I would love it if the RPer had a small idea how to RP with Victorian era ((I have been RPing a lot with people that don't actually know the customs ^^;;))
    • Fandoms ((I will list the fandoms underneath))
      • Disney
      • Fairy Tail
      • Once Upon A Time ((TV show))
      • Shugo Chara ((Have no idea if that would work but meh~ I love that anime~ ^^))
      • ((I will add more whenI can think of some more ^^;;))
    • Historical
      • As I said before I really do love the Victorian styled RPs so if any of you guys are interested~ ^^

    Also I play both Male and Female, although I will have to say that I think I will go with more females for this genre until i get used to it ^^ Okay so those are really mainly the sort of styles that i generally RP, I have no ideas at this current moment about RPs but I would love to have some ideas thrown at me~ ^^ I am quite alright with most things the only thing that I can not handle is Horror and Gore. So sorry for those of you who might have thought that might be an option but I can not deal with that. I may eventually open myself up to it but I am just going to take it one step at a time ^^

    Also just when you reply and have an interest in RPing with me please just tell me these things so that I can try and think up of different plots.

    Gender you prefer:
    Pairings you prefer: (MxM, MxF, FxF)
    Genre you would like:
    Any slight ideas or anything like that you can think of at the moment?:

    Awesome thanks everyone for reading through all of this I hope to RP with you all soon~ ^^
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  2. Canz I do it :P XD
  3. I'm interested in doing so.
  4. *chuckles* Of course Justin~ Wanna just kind of combine it into our 1x1 that we have at the moment?

    Oh~ Well wanna send me a PM and we can work out what to do?
  5. Alright I wanted to ask if you wanted to combine it.
  6. Combine the 1x1 we were doign with this genre? Haha lol~
  7. I find it funny that we thought of adding it jn.
  8. Meh it works with it~ I can see it working with what we have got going at the moment ^^
  9. Yup but I don't know who will be in love with who.
  10. pffft we can allow the flow of time to take it's course~
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