Looking for partners interested in Horror roleplay.

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  1. I am very fond of dark RPs, especially Medieval settings with horror elements. I am seeking a partner who likes Horror, to share ideas with and perhaps a great roleplay will be born! I do not specialize in Modern type settings, that is one of two stipulations I have. The other is that I cannot roleplay as a male.
  2. I think we have alot to talk about then. victorian and earlier Rp's with horror elements are my specialties. Supernatural or not.
  3. Awesome! Do you have any ideas currently that you'd like to try out?
  4. I've got a few. one involveing the bad guys as the main characters, while the good guys get eaten, smashed, mentally desimated and otherwise maimed.
  5. Cool. I'd like for you to elaborate on these ideas.
  6. Aww. My horror rp up in Jump-Ins is a supernatural ghost thing. Come round if it interests you, too.
  7. Oh that piques my interest quite nicely.
  8. It's Hitori Kakurenbo, all the info is right on the thread in the Jump-In section. :D Please check it out! Love to have you! Click Here!