Looking For Partners for Various RP Concepts

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    ::I will not play out Golden Showers, Scat, or Potty.::
    ::I'm not a spelling or Grammar Nazi. I expect for you to not be too.::
    ::No one liners. If you can't do one well formed paragraph, you'll need to keep looking.::
    ::I would like at least two (2) or more post per week to keep me interested.::
    ::No Fandom. I'm looking for OC only::
    ::I would like to play via PM.::
    ::As ideas are taken or I come up with new ones, I will update this thread.::

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  2. OC x OC Mercenary RP (Horde) (MxM or MxF) (Long-term RP)
  3. Oh I love you right now! PM me with if you want that to be MxM or MxF!
  4. BDSM Night Club Owner/ Local Young Catholic Priest (MxM) (Long-term)

    I am interested in this rp.
  5. Give me a PM, Crimson!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.