Looking for partners for any plot idea or pairings!

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  1. Hey looking for some partners!

    I have pairing ideas and plots

    Ones I love is with royalty and servants
    And teacher and student

    I'm up for anything except fxf and mxm and incest I will not do that so don't ask

    Pm or post here

    As long we don't have one liners and can understand what we write I'm good I'm not a grammar nazi or length nazi as long there is no one liners :)

    I'm up for any ideas you have just let me know and we can chat.
  2. Still looking :)
  3. I'm interested XD if your still looking for people?
  4. Interested! Pm me!
  5. What role do you play as for your RPs?
  6. Mostly female
    But I will play as male if we double
  7. I see. Can we do a martial arts teacher and student RP?(I"'ll be playing as the student.)
  8. Sure pm me
  9. I've had this idea lately if you wanna hear it. :)
  10. Ya! Pm me!
  11. Still lookin
  12. Looking still :)
  13. Lookin still
  14. still looking? you got like 4 or 5 people that have responded, are you addicted or something lol
  15. Pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.