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  1. What's up! You can call me Moogle. I've been roleplaying for a fairly long amount of time. Up until recent, I haven't been too much into the whole libertine idea as a whole, but now I'm starting to come to terms with it and looking to do some exploration with it. The only thing that I'm really not comfortable with is doing MXM roleplays. I'll do any other pairing, including FXF, but I'm not down for yaoi.

    There aren't too many pairings themselves that I have in mind, but if you mention something to me, I own't mind giving my opinion on it(more likely than not I'll be willing to at least try it.) Something that I'm really wanting to do is incest or almost incest related plots. Specifically brother/sister or step-brother/step-sister, or even cousins. Another idea that I like is an anthro/furry roleplay of sorts that I've had cooking in the back of my mind for a while! I look forward to getting some responses!
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  2. I'm up for some incest.
  3. Alright, shoot me a PM and we can talk about a plot.
  4. I'm still looking ^-^
  5. Hello there (^u^) /

    Are you interested into doing a FxF roleplay?
  6. Yes I am ^-^
  7. Excellent. Do you want me to PM you?
  8. That would be great.
  9. Send me a PM sometime if you wanted to try and RP still.~
  10. Still looking for more :D
  11. *Cough* Still looking :3
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