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Modern, Romance, Yaoi
Hey guys,

So I'm working and want to do this at the same time so here I some parings and themes I would really like to do.
I don't know how to make spoilers, sorry =^^=

Scifi ***
Modern ***
Apocalypse **
Fantasy * (but only if we can come up with a really good plot!)

Pairings: (I either do MxM or FxM)
Brother x Brother **
Enemy soldiers ***
Soldier x Wife or girlfriend ***
Demon x Human *
Werewolves *
Onesides love **
Best friend x Best friend **

Shoot me a PM if interested. Work is slow right now so I have multiple replies on a day. I don't mind how you write as long as you write more that a one line =^^=

** = Sure, why not
* = Meh
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