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  1. MxM or MxF or FxF
    Two depressed young adults find comfort and connect with eachother, having enough with where they are, they decide to go on a road trip together. Eventually going to a full out trip around the world. Wether they become more than friends will just depend on us.

    I like playing males better, but can switch to whatever. I'm also interested in making a intersex character for the first time, though if you're uncomfortable with that, I won't.

    If you're interested, just give me your preferences, then a brief overview of your character and a picture of them.
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  2. Hello there, I'm interested in this role-play.
    I'm just wondering what type of face claims do I use from your preference? (anime or real life)
    And as for my preferences I actually don't mind role-playing just about anything except for furries.
    I'm also a highschooler so role-plays that are explicit (sexual stuffs) are not doable.
    I don't mind small intimacy stuff I suppose, like holding hands and such; however, anything beyond that...is a no go.
    Also are you wanting me to play a female, male, etc.?
  3. I honestly don't have a preference for face-claims.
    I don't care about the sex scenes, if we actually make it that far. I'm just saying that
    I may make my characters swear during the rp.
    Like I've said, I'm interested in playing an intersex character, but only if that's alright with you. Other than that, I honestly don't care what gender you decide to play. I'm pretty open for a lot of things. :D
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