Looking for partner to play M

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  1. Hello~ I'm looking for an active partner (a few posts a day minimum) who will play the M in MxF pairings. I'm pretty open to most ideas, just run it by me and I'll tell you if I'm interested or not. I am looking for someone with decent writing skill who will post at least a paragraph or two with a good grasp on proper grammar and spelling.

    Like I said I'm open to most things though I prefer a MxF. Willing to post via PM or thread.

    Settings I'm interested in:
    Medieval (Fantasy or realistic)
    Post Apocalyptic (Zombies or no)
    Fairytales (Including dark adaptations of Disney)

    Pairings I'm interested in:
    ServantxMaster (Butler or Maid x Master)
    (If you have something you're wanting to do just ask.)

    Things I'm not interested in:
    Fandom (only exception is use the setting but original characters)
    Incest (Just not currently in the mood)
    (May add more later)
  2. I'll do teacher x student
  3. I'd be interested in working out something in the Medieval or Apocalyptic settings. Or the Demon/Angel, Vampire/Human pairings, or both!
  4. Anything in particular you're wanting to play?
  5. Are you still looking for either Medieval or Post Apocalyptic?