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  1. Hi everybody!
    I'm new to this website, but I have been roleplaying for a much longer period - just over two years now.

    I prefer to allow roleplays to go with the flow, but also discuss with one another where we'd like the roleplay to turn in certain areas. I'd appreciate good literacy and length of response but I don't have any personal rules. All that I think you ought to know is that I don't mind so much the implication of smut or 'steamy scenes' but I hate writing them out myself. I feel awkward and embarrassed at the mere thought of it, let alone actually writing it.

    I'll hopefully be able to post daily with whatever the roleplay is about and whoever it is with but on certain days there may be some breaks for a longer period of time due to my schedule - not to mention if there is a time difference.

    My roleplaying experience has mostly derived from Fandom roleplays but I have done the odd 'normal' roleplay in the past. I'm really eager to attempt mental illness roleplays or historical ones - mostly during the First or Second World War - but I also don't mind fantasy or just modern ones that can stem to the roleplay stemming from modern day settings to just day-to-day situations. I also prefer to roleplay female characters as that's all I really know and I'm comfortable with, however, I am currently in the middle of a roleplay on Facebook within which on of the characters are male so I will attempt again if there really is a must.

    I prefer to keep the roleplay open, meaning no set plot and a 'go with the flow' situation. I don't mind the odd twist as long as it fits and makes sense and not just creating a 'Mary Sue' sort of character. I know that this is rather vague but I feel that it's a lot better to build something up with a partner and all the roleplay to take form as it goes with the twists and turns that we create either for one another or together. Surprises and plot twists are what makes a roleplay exciting and engaging an as long as the twist goes with the storyline or what would be happening, then I'll be totally fine with it.

    With any roleplay I set out to do, I want to apologize in advance if any of my replies upsets or offends anyone - I make an effort to make sure that that won't happen but there will be times where - especially with a mental illness roleplay or during a violent roleplay - if the moment strikes during the roleplay, then a more sharper or harsher response may be coming your way (definitely if a response really gets the character going - depending on the personality and situation).

    I'd be happy to roleplay wherever - boards may be easy because then we could discuss things over private messages, but I'm also happy to write through private messages. I've done roleplays both ways but I'm a little hesitant about having my writing out here for everyone to see just for a while since I'm new and I'd be wondering if anyone was judging my writing skills to some level.

    If you'd like a Fandom roleplay then I'd be happy to do a demi-god one (Percy Jackson), Harry Potter or perhaps even Hunger Games at a stretch. I usually prefer to do OC Fandom roleplays because I feel that it's freer in regards to story and it's your own character so you can do whatever you like with them. I will have a go with at roleplays using characters from the books through, I don't mind that.

    Just shoot me a PM or respond on here if you're interested!

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  2. Sent you a message.
  3. Sounds good
  4. So you're interested? Haha.
  5. Yeah, I'd love to RP with you.
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