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  1. After roleplaying for the past two years on Kik and Skype one of my friends adamantly told me to sign up for iwaku. And as for the little I have seen I am impressed.

    Now for the meat, I have grown bored of late so I am looking for 1x1 rp's that I can actively participate in. I personally don't know many fandom's but I am willing to spend a entire night cramming to understand the setting and the characters.

    My one personal rule-No Basic Tropey Bullshit, or OR overused stuff, I.E, Vampire, werewolves, E.C.T.

    Please dont be shy, I am open to anything! So here are a few of my ideas, feel free to pm me your ideas!

    All OC's-
    Dragon Rider X Shape-shifting Dragon
    Crime Boss X Investigator
    Eldritch Detective X Eldritch Detective

    KingKiller Chronicles.
    Darkest Dungeon.
    Cthulhu Mythos
    Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
  2. Hello! If you are looking for a group roleplay ( A roleplay with more than two people roleplaying in it at the same time) this doesn't belong in the Seeking One on One Partners forum. I've moved it to the Seeking Group Invites forum instead.

    Happy partner hunting!

    EDIT: Welp, I see you've already got a thread there! Was that a copy-paste typo? What would you like me to do with this thread?
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  3. Thanks i just saw my mistake and fixed it.
  4. Still searching :)
  5. I'm interested, if you'll take me that is. As I am a teen member and some people shun me for that. I can tell you that all my content is completely original.
  6. Awesome pm me.
  7. I am interested in Dragon rider x Shapeshifting dragon.
  8. Sorry for the belated reply, things have been hectic tonight. Pm me and we will hammer it out tomorrow.
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  9. I'd love to do a RWBY RP, if you're still looking that is.
  10. Yeah shot me a message.
  11. uif your still looking im a rwby roleplayer
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