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  1. See the newest post too!

    I'm up for just about anything one might come up with, from ancient to modern and everywhere in between. Fantasy to realistic and any intermingling of the two to one's heart's desires.
    I've also got a really good knack for coming up with expansive and unique ideas if you're looking for help with regards to separate things. I'm here to socialize and chat, not browse and read everyone else having fun!

    Some plot ideas and settings that I've come across and or taken from other folks. If you haven't already, take a glance at my roleplay resume. I do not do boring and contrived pairings (demonXwoman, wolfXpig, genericXcliche) unless there's a nice setting for me to work with or a plot to make the idea better than 'they're different but I want them to fall in love despite everything being completely against that'.

    Thank you for taking the time to look at all of this! I really appreciate it even if we don't start anything together!
    • Elder Scrolls Universe
    • Soul Sacrifice Universe
    • Warcraft Universe
    • Guild Wars Universe
    • Warhammer 40K
    • Sea borne race dealing with land dwellers and hostilities.
    • Tribal ideas bouncing all around!
    • Also a huge fan of anthropomorphic races/peoples. Not just humans with fur/scales.
    • Been milling about with an original universe idea. Ask me about it! (It's on page 3)
    A few more story ideas. Will add to them as I think of more:
    The Sang'ell (Taken) (open)
    There were once as many sea-living races and societies of people as there were upon the land. Sometime ago a great cataclysm took them from their homes and splintered them. It was an extinction event never before seen by the ancient people.

    As time went on what was once common talk turned to rumor as the sea-faring folks became more and more scarce. Rumor turned to whispers, whispers became myth until they faded into stories told by sea side villages.

    Humans have flourished and spread, living off the land and sea equally.

    Now on the coast of some unknown land there sits a small village. They follow and listen to the old ways of the sea. Fisher-folk and farmers alike. Yet they've a constant visitor that has become a mainstay in the village. He's not quite like the pale skinned and fair-haired folk. His skin is bronzed and his hair black as pitch. Eyes like the tropical sea and with muscles that speak of raw power. Yet he's a kind and somewhat aloof soul, fishing and helping till the land during harvest time. The man owns no home, simply diving off a dock each night and returning to sit on its edge from the water come morning. No one's really sure who he is save his name, for none have seen what he appears under the water.
    So how does a newcomer or drifter to this little seaside town deal with this quiet stranger?

    Show Spoiler

    The Lamia (open)

    Deep in the bowels of a an ancient rain forest lies a small village, nearly untouched by the more civilized world outside. There the people live simple lives of agriculture and hunting. They do not number anymore than fifty or so, men, women, children, the elderly, and a curious kind of woman..

    She simply wandered into the village center one day as a child, confused and alone. They took it as a sign from the god's of the forest, for she was unique and looked like some of the serpents one might see, easily a child of the gods they thought. So they raised her with the rest of them, treating her like a deity. The differences were there but she let them be, the people loved her and she loved them all as family.

    Now as the years passed visitors came and went, first explorers, then missionaries, and then researchers. They brought news of lands outside, of proper deities to soothe their savage hearts, men and women who came to learn their language and culture, to preserve it. All who came met this strange girl, dressed entirely compared to the relative nudity of the other villagers. Disease they thought, signs of their lack of piety, even just born that way. None of them saw her for what she truly was.

    Well, that is until they met her on one of her romps into the forest to find food, for she wasn't content with the villagers bringing her gifts, she needed to know she was independent.

    Who does she meet? What does this spell for the demi-human?

    (Fantasy, Modern, Pre-Modern settings are all welcome.)

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    The Modern Bitch (open)
    What do you get when a woman of Spanish heritage leaves her homeland and settles somewhere else but brings a little bit of ancient Spain with her?

    Well, you get Nie.

    She's a great worker, goal oriented, if not a little short on the attention span. But she sure does take lots of hikes alone in the less populated parts of the country. No one's really sure why. They ask of course, because where would gossip fun be without some truth? Honestly they're better off not knowing.

    Well, she's not entirely human anyway. But they had that from the start, after all, she is foreign.

    Subnautica (open)
    An alien world. The massive Aurora sent to help get it ready for colonization.
    Klaxons blare and warning lights flash rapidly as something shudders throughout her hull.
    Through an atmosphere she burns, shedding off escape pods like an organism budding it's offspring.
    Into the water crashes your pod. Fizzling and smoking on the inside as the hatch bursts open, letting fresh and humid air wash in, drawing the smoke out. As your ascend the ladder you're assailed by salty air and the constant noise of moving water.

    An ocean extends for as far as the eye can see. A blinking map inside shows the planet is little else. In the distance the Aurora slowly begins to sink beneath the waves, fires being doused as water rushes into her many gaping holes.

    Inside the fabricator revs to life. Asking for material input to begin creating tools you'll need to survive.

    Life Below (open)

    What Lurks Behind (open)

    The day wasn't much like any other. You woke up with a headache, groggy, and irritable. Sleep hadn't come very easily despite your best efforts and more than the recommended dose of over the counter sleeping pills.
    Though your head stopped pounding as you made breakfast and watched the news. Nothing was any different than the day before until you left your apartment.

    Horror didn't really describe it..

    You'd always had a rational mind. Never before had you felt yourself privy to flights of fantasy or whimsical notions of superstition.

    Yet there above your building it sat. More limbs than anything should ever need. Some looked grotesquely human, others horrifyingly alien. It's face, if you could call it that, had so many eyes, some were black holes, others almost cat like, or like a goat, all of it laden with an alien intelligence. As you stared while your mind tried to process this information one of it's arms rose and reached into a parking lot.

    It closed a car door. Making it lock shut. Before drawing back. Inside a child looked on innocently at something it likely didn't see. The mother was around the building corner dropping off her bags before coming back.

    (Work in Progress, Bloodborne was the inspiration)

    RimWorld (open)
    You awake from your cryptosleep sarcophogi to the sound of klaxons blaring and ripping metal coming from every direction. With barely enough time to grab a survival kit on your way to the escape pods you make it just in time.

    Heat shielding flares through the small viewing port as your tiny craft struggles to keep itself from falling into a spiral that would turn it's only passenger in a red paste. Retro-thrusters fire mere meters off the ground before a bone jarring thud against solid ground follows. Red lights blink green, atmosphere is breathable, temperature is a stable 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You went and crashed upon an unknown Rimworld. But your pod isn't alone out here in the open..
    Welcome Home (open)

    Thaumcraft (open)
    A young apprentice finds himself the sole heir to his master's tower. It has been passed from Master to Apprentice for generations, he is yet just another in the line.

    Within it holds many wonders from the ages within it's warded arcane brick walls. From the basement, filled with more clutter than any hoarder could dream of. To the workshop, shelves filled to the brim with glowing essence of the living world, machines that create life, and scrawlings and research that cover any wall space that doesn't contain a shelf. Even the library, a little dusty, but laden with the knowledge of centuries, from traveling to a realm of pure twilight with trees like spires, to a world of endless hellfire. Sitting atop lies a curious device that weathers the ages, the Arcane Infuser. Capable of taking objects and infusing their essence into another, enabling a skilled and well prepared wizard to craft wondrous items that any kind would kill for.

    His tower situated upon a river's bend facing towards a forest that stretches for leagues in any direction our new master works his research. Aided by small golem constructs in day to day tasks, from cleaning to caring for the gardens.

    It's not until the wards begin to hum with life as someone approaches. Visitors are rare, rarer still ones that seek him for more than ancient knowledge or powerful spells.

    Of course he was not expecting to take an apprentice so early in his career.. But her eyes spoke of desire to learn and he is so tired of companionship from construct alone. Who was he to turn here away?

    How was he supposed to know she only looked human?
    (More plots in mind. Looking for romance here since it's a plot candy with the whole 'master falls in love with his apprentice and vice versa' trope. Looking for the apprentice to be something less than human (werewolf, possible vampire, etc, gimme some more ideas!))

    So now, I wait..
    And wait... and wait...
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  2. I would be glad to RP with you. :]
    Shoot me a PM and we can float ideas back and forth.
  3. Don't know if you were still looking for partner, but I'd be willing to do one with you. I have a few ideas and plot lines that could be used, or we could go about making a new one. Shoot me a PM and we can work something out.
  4. If you're still looking, I would love to bounce some ideas around. Pm me and maybe we can figure something out?
  5. I say, that gif looks awfully Skyrimish. Or maybe my eyes deceive me?

    Anyway, I'm totally up for rping with you
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  6. If you're still looking for a partner, I'm up for it. Although I'm totally new and might take a while to "get going". :I :blush:
  7. If you're still interested, I'd love to RP with you. Shoot me a PM!
  8. So many requests I can barely handle them all! D:
  9. Not even sure if people will get the alert from this or not..

    But I'm looking to add to my RPs now that a few are getting a good rhythym.

    If so, shoot me a PM, or it looks like I'm PMing the one's I didn't get to! :D

    For a night, I wait..
  10. Apparently I've been in the mood to do a TES RP.

    Skyrim theme or even Morrowind if you're a fan.
  11. Are you looking for 1x1s? Or group stuff?
  12. I'm a bit iffy with how well I can keep up with group RPs, though always willing to try. As for 1x1, always willing as well with it being SO MUCH easier to keep track of.
  13. Alright! I've got some groups going I'm always looking to add to, if you'd be interested. I'll try to think up some 1x1 ideas. ^_^
  14. By all means! Lay'em on me.
  15. Hark the dragonborn comes! What do you have in mind?
  16. Dragonborn'samilkdrinker.

    Well, roleplay for one. But are you refering to an Elder Scrolls RP?
  17. I'm up for just about anything. I'm currently working two different characters in skyrim. A Khajiit werewolf and a vampiric wood elf. Shoot me a message and we can discuss rp ideas.
  18. i have a ton of ideas if your still intrested in an rp :)
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  19. I'd like to make a 1x1 RP with you.
  20. By all means shoot me some convo's and we can get started! c:
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