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  1. Hello :) As the title says I'm looking for someone to role play. I'm very much laid back when it comes to the number of paragraphs per post. For me, I usually post between one to four decent sized paragraphs. Please no one-liners, I can't work with that. When it comes to grammar and spelling, I know everyone makes mistakes including me, that's what makes us human. Just don't make it a habit. Also no God-modding, Mary-sues, or Gary-sues please. In role plays, I prefer playing the female roles, but if the idea sounds good enough, I might play the male part. I don't do male or female slashes, sorry. I can play both Cannon and OCs. Now that's out of the way, onto the fun part, here's my list of role plays I'm interested in doing:

    Star Trek (Reboot)
    My OC/Dr. McCoy****
    My OC/Kirk
    My OC/Khan

    Star Wars
    My OC/Han Solo
    My OC/Jacen Solo
    My OC/Luke Skywalker
    My OC/Anakin Skywalker
    My OC/Obi-Wan Kenobi (younger)
    Tenel Ka/Jacen
    OC/OC (Old Republic)
    OC/OC (New Republic)

    My OC/Cyclops****
    My OC/Wolverine
    My OC/Gambit
    Jean Grey/Cyclops
    Jean Grey/Wolverine

    X-Men First Class
    My OC/Magneto
    My OC/Professor X
    My OC/Havok
    My OC/Shaw

    My OC/Eomer****
    My OC/Aragorn
    My OC/Legolas

    My OC/Black Hat****

    My OC/Judge Dredd****

    My OC/William Cooper****

    Xena:Warrior Princess
    My OC/Caesar****

    Anchorman 2
    My OC/Jack Lime****
    My OC/Brian Fantana
    My OC/Ron Burgundy

    My OC/Corporal Hicks****
    My OC/Private Hudson

    My OC/Kyle Reese****

    Supernatural (TV show)
    My OC/Sam Winchester****
    My OC/Dean Winchester
    My OC/Castiel

    School teacher/Native American Warrior



    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me or reply below. Thanks! Looking forward in role playing with you. :D
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  2. I would be willing to do the Star Wars OCxOC(Old Republic) or the Priest one.
  3. I would like to do Priest with you. We can go over plot details over PM so we won't clog up the thread if that's alright with you?
  4. Sure, do you want me to PM you?
  5. I'll play someone for you from either Supernatural or LOTR, If you'll play Dean, Cas, or Legolas for me. :3
  6. We can do Supernatural. I can play Dean for you, if you'll play Sam for me :)
  7. Sounds like a plan!
    Should I PM you?
  8. Anyone else? :)
  9. I can do either prince/princess or vampire/human. c:
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