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  1. OOC: Alright, so my character Hedeki is pretty much a bad guy.
    His main skill is his dark mist. His mist contains of blood flowing on the ground, very shallow mind you, so when you step inside it, its like walking in mud.
    His hobby is singing an Italian lullaby that makes un-dead babies form from within his mist and they would begin to feed on his energy or anyone else's energy when he pleases.
    He is a giant mind fudger (Keeping it age friendly), main reason being is because of his background story which I will get into in a minute.
    His biggest creation is Akita, a character I created a long time ago based on a grim reaper. Hedeki has already killed this character but his essence remains in his mist continuing to fight Hedeki every time he uses it.
    He once had a daughter, during his battle between Hedeki and Akita, Hedeko was born from the last remaining essence of Hedeki. The name Hedeko is a female version of Hedeki, pretty clear lol.
    Hedeko had the same abilities of Hedeki, the mist, the lullaby, etc.
    Eventually, the more Hedeko used the mist, the more Hedeki came back to be. At first, he was loving towards Hedeko, he never actually interacted with her, but he was there, watching over here.
    Once he came to be again, he killed her off. Created a giant hole in the ground and snapped her neck over the hole, and dropped her in it.
    To this day, he still feels bad about doing it, but he needed the remaining power she had for him to be complete again. He secretly is depressed about what he has done, but never actually told anyone why he did it.

    He is basically an evil, maniacal man who plots people destruction cause his own destruction of his life cannot be described.

    If anyone needs someone like this, post here or message me and we can work something out :3
    Thanks for reading.
  2. this sounds cool, but where would another character come in?
  3. This is about his past, its not a plot. I actually want to try and continue from this some how.
  4. This actually looks pretty interesting. Are you currently looking for suggestions?
  5. Yes I am actually. Hedeki's past is actually a book I'm trying to write. I would love to carry on from this point, I can give you the full details of him if you need it.
  6. I'd love to hear what else you have available. I think I've an idea that you can try and work with, since you seem to be wanting to work this into a group.
  7. Yes I would love to put this into a group. I was actually thinking of having Hedeki turn away from his dead baby ways and fall in love.
  8. Ohh I love it! This sounds like it would be very interesting... I would love to do a rp with you about this if you could figure out a plot or even just the settings for it, or I might be able to help you a little bit.
  9. That would be wonderful. Although, he is a killer, he tore off one of his servants daughters arms just to put his servant in her place cause she disobeyed em. He even kept the arm as a reminder for his servant. Was pretty interesting on that part if you ask me. Sadly, the girl was only like, 13 or so O_o
  10. I'm loving this character you've created, its so dark and wonderful! It sounds like it would make a great horror roleplay, maybe with a twist of romance from what you were saying!
  11. I agree, nothing like Twilight of course. But something more along the lines of murdering one of the persons loved ones and continuing from there or something.
  12. Yea it shouldn't be like Twilight at all, something like hate and fear at first would be great though! What are the settings of this? It is like with humans or on some different world or something?
  13. Different world. Hedeki is a Neko, I forgot to include this in his description lol. Ops.
  14. Haha. Oh alright! Well I don't really think you need a super descriptive plot or anything, it sounds like you could just start it with him killing this girl's family or something and then just let it just of form itself or something if you want... Or if you do want a plot then I could probably help you think of something!
  15. Well, getting an idea of where I could take this. I mean this man regrets killing his spawn daughter, kinda meaning that he still feels, love, affection, etc. So I was thinking of turning him back to the way he was before. A Neko who was a lovable perv that liked everyone around and lived in a tree O_o
  16. Yea, I see where you are going with this...You want him to find his oldself again so he's not so much a cold killer. That sounds like it would be very interested!
  17. I would like that actually, but that process could take some time to do. But that would be great. Problem is doing it lawl.
  18. Yea, but it would keep it interesting watching him slowly turn more and more good I think...
  19. Yeah I was thinking that. He's already slowly turning good mainly cause of him killing his own daughter.
  20. Yea, maybe like the girl could start to remind him of his daughter or something...