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  1. Hello, beautiful people of this (rather confusing) website! My name is EMreich and I am looking for a few people to get back into roleplaying. I am new to this site, but I am not utterly without experience when it comes to roleplaying. It’s true that I am used to roleplaying in my first language and using proper English may be a little bit challenging at times, but I assure you that all my posts will be legible.

    I usually write two to four paragraphs, but it mostly depends on how much my partner will give me. It’s really hard to give a decent response to short one-liners. My respond rate is pretty constant as I respond almost daily, but please, be patient if it takes me a little bit longer to respond. I have a life (or at least it´s cheap copy) and a bunch of friends that hate my kidneys.

    Now that I spoke a little about my most favorite subject, it’s time to speak about you. Or at least about what I expect from you. I would prefer a long-term partner for a short-term RPs. You see, I am looking for a guy/girl/turtle that would be willing to do an episodic kind of RP instead of one long adventure. At beginning, we would set some kind of goal to achieve, and after we achieved it, we would either say our goodbyes or set another goal and move the story forward. The adventures would differ, but the characters would stay same.
    I would also like to point out that I mostly play rather shady characters and I would like my partner to go along with it and make another calculative bastard or cold-hearted bitch.
    Apart from this, I would like a partner who is able to put at least the same effort into RP as I do and who wouldn´t mind my weird Czenglish that appears from time to time.

    Now the pairings and ideas I promised in the title:
    Winter elf x Summer elf (High fantasy, Prophecies, Possible romance, Intrigues, Magic, Adventure)
    Cursed (Dark fantasy, Possible romance, Werewolves, Vampires, Magic, Revenge, Demons, Religion)
    Royal Special Forces (Low fantasy/Alternative history, Grim, Religion, Intrigues, Investigation, Horror, Racism, Possible romance)
    Demon-hunter X Demon (Dark fantasy, Grim, Adventure, Religion, Horror, Investigation, Prophecies, Combat, Possible romance)
    Elf x Dwarf (Racism, High/Low fantasy, Adventure, Racism, Bromance, Combat,
    Canaries (Science Fiction, Combat, Grim, Intrigues, Possible romance, Bromance, Horror)
    Morningstar and Co. (Urban fantasy, Combat, Possible romance, Bromance, Horror, Comedy, Vampires, Werewolves, religion, Gore, Investigation)
    And many more

    If anything catches your eye, just say so and I will tell what exactly hides behind each of these plots.
  2. Hello, I happened to notice you have demon-hunter x demon up there. (yay! ^_^) I only have one or two characters that aren't sweethearts so are you interested? I have character profiles on my blog if you're interested in checking them out.
  3. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku! It's not so confusing when you get used to everything. I like a lot of the pairings you've got listed. Cursed and Morningstar and Co. seem really interesting. I'd love to do something along those lines, if you've got any ideas in mind.
  4. Nice to see some interest!
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