Looking for Partner!! (M or F)

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  1. Hey sooo I'd like say I'm practically open to an plot line ^-^. I play mostly female sub characters but I can be female Dom if you wish! Grammar isn't that much of a mood killer but try to at least make sense. Line limit, I would like to keep it 4 sentences plus.

    • Vampire x Human
    • Master x Slave
    • Mythological Creature x Human
    • Werewolf x Human
    • Teacher x Student
    • Prestigious Student x Rebellious Student
    • Kidnapper x Kidnappee

    Please Pm or reply!
  2. I am new to the site but not new to RPs. I would be honored if you were my first RP partner. (im interested)
  3. Would love to give Teacher X Student a try, unless you found someone already ^^
  4. I'm still open ^•^
  5. I am interested in several of your prompts: Master and slave, Myth and human, and Teacher and student. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. I'm interested pm me ^•^
  7. Update: Still looking

    New Pairings ~
    Succubus/Incubus x human
    Demon x human
    Succubus/incubus x Elf
    Demon x Elf
  8. If you're still looking for succubus x human, id be very interested.
  9. I'm still interested, pm me!
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  10. **UPDATE**
    New pairings:
    - Jock x cheerleader
  11. I'm interested in Mythological Creature x Human, Prestigious Student x Rebellious Student, or Demon x Elf. So which ever you want to do out of the three is cool with me.
  12. Hmm.. I really like prestigious x rebellious, maybe we could tie in mythological x human in too?
  13. We can do that, would you like me to send you a pm so we can discuss?
  14. Pm me yes,
  15. Okay, one pm coming up.
  16. If you like we can do Jock X Cheerleader XD
  17. Slave x master if your looking