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  1. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

    I am Fiddler, more commonly (un)known simply as "Fid". I have heard stories of this place, this bastion of roleplaying in the unforgiving wastes of internet and decided to give a try, so that I could too, see the magnificence of this place. But it is a journey not made for a lone man, thus I'm looking for someone to accompany me on this most wondrous of travels.
    Please, take a seat and have a look on what I have to offer.

    I am twenty-two years old student diagnosed with chronic boredom. Roleplaying has been my love for a few years now, but I usually participated in ones in my native language so I might make a mistake here and there and use phrases that aren't exactly common (I call it being "novel" for sake of my ego).
    My posts are usually two to four paragraphs long, but I can deliver more when I'm really interested in the roleplay. On the other hand, I rarely, if ever, post less.
    I'm pretty active and can post at least every other day.
    When it comes to romances, I prefer going with traditional MxF one, but I can also go for FxF.

    Also, there are few rules I´d like to mention:
    First rule: You dont talk about roleplaying with No ditching without at least little bit believable excuse.

    Second rule: No one-liners. At least two paragraphs per post would be nice.
    Third rule: Participate in plotting/world-building/story-advancing. It's boring to do it alone.
    Fourth rule: Have fun.

    Now that we have the introduction out of the way, let's move to the more important part.

    Roleplaying ideas:
    Occult Investigator: Character X, infamous drunkard and madman, is a private investigator dealing with more obscure cases. Most people judge and mock him and Character Y was no exception. At least until something happened, something that only Character X can help with.

    Cards never lie: Some call it rare gift, others terrible curse, but Character X has the ability to read the cards and see what was yet to happen. Because of that, many people seek his advice and Character Y is one of them.
    Faithless: Character X, once a archpriest, now just a poor herbalist wants nothing more, than to live his live without any divine interference. But some oaths are hard to break and when his deity, Character Y, finds herself in dire need, he has no choice but to help her.

    Some fandoms:
    Star Wars
    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age

    Some pairings:
    Pirate x Noble
    Knight x Queen
    Bounty hunter x Bounty
    Master x Apprentice
    Deity x Priest
    Priest x Demon
    Prophet x Hero
    Killer x Healer

    Other ideas will be added eventually. Also, if you have any idea of your own you'd like to try, just PM and we will figure out something.
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  2. I'm game on almost anything if you are, @Fiddler
  3. I'd love to do a Pirate x Noble, I actually already have a character in mind. I just love pirates and noble people, they're my weakness. I swear I was born in the wrong century.
  4. I am keen for a Witcher rp if you are ^-^
  5. I am interested in Warcraft RP.
  6. Great! PM´d you all.
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  7. Crime what is this crime we are committing
  8. Okay! Great! I'll be looking forward to your message (:
  9. //
    I too am interested in a few of these plots friend :)​
  10. I would love to take up Dragon Age with you, or something along the Bloodborne aesthetic. :) PM me if you please! And welcome to Iwaku!
  11. Still looking!
  12. I be interested
  13. Oh, great! Sorry, haven't notice you earlier.
  14. all chill
  15. I'd be interested in the star wars and witcher fandoms.
  16. Hunt goes on...
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