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  1. hey there, i'm ghoul! i've made an one on one thread before but lots of things have happened since then so some of my rps have fallen through! :,( however i'm on the search for rps again, albeit with a slightly different agenda, so bear with me!

    i guess first i should go over what kind of partners i'm looking for!:
    • lenient with replies, will say if uninterested!
    • can write well and a lot (though quantity isn't required, it'd be nice in some cases!)
    • can play multiple characters with sundry sexualities!
    • is kind and willing to communicate with plot and general ooc things!
    • is respectful of limitations!
    okie dokie! now's for the genres i'm interested in. i have lots and lots of plots so please inquire!!!
    • horror (fantasy, survival, psychological)
    • fantasy (dark, high, modern)
    • fandom (currently interested in: parasyte, bravely default, rune factory, kamisama no iutoori, sailor moon, cardcaptor sakura **OCS ONLY**)
    i don't have a lot of limitations! the only things i won't do are: suicide (any mention of either), animal abuse/death, explicit sex (will probably fade to black), pedophilia

    i haven't really done it before, but i suppose i'll list some pairings i'm interested in. please keep in mind that i prefer lesbian or other lgbtqia+!
    • royalty + servant
    • demon/angel/mermaid/vampire/android/etc. + human
    • magical girl + magical girl/human
    • assassin + target
    • scientist + test subject (whether alien, mutant, robot, etc.)
    • arranged marriage
  2. @ghoulprincess

    Hello I'm quite interested to do a onexone with you if you want
    I'm open to basically anything just tell me and most likely I'll say sure lets do it!
    Though at the moment I'm not in the mood for fandom since I don't really watch tv that much anymore like I use to
    I'm open to talk anytime for ooc and add ideas when I get some,
    but be warned they mostly come out of the blue and usually random,
    so it's ok to say no cause most of time it's just random shit that I pop in my head lol
    I can post anytime
    though I do get distracted quite easily so I might be a bit slow on the replying or I working in another rp with someone else
    Or life or school comes in or working on commissions and work
    But I usually post when I'm on so don't worry lol
    I can give good size para+ as long as you give me something good back
    Unless I'm having a writers block then I'll most likely disappear from the face of the earth for a couple of days until I can think of something
    Cause I don't like giving you something bad lol
    But if not then I'll ask what I should post for some ideas then I most likely would post afterwards with an idea
    Caution I like to pop in twists and add more to a story that we develop together
  3. @Muno

    hey thanks for contacting me! i'll send a pm your way~
  4. Im interested in doing angel x demon if that okay. I know it wasnt on your list so its just a suggestion.
  5. it's fine by me! i'll send you a pm in just a sec.
  6. still looking!! ^u^
  7. Would you maybe be willing to do a parasyte rp with me?
  8. I'm interested in your scientist x test subject if you're still looking.
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