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  1. well i just have a random idea for a roleplay, but i haven't really developed it but i wouuld like to do a romance and develope the story to a mature one, but it doesn't really matter. i have a character in mind, her name is Blazania (Blaze) Night and if wanted she may have supernatural powers, or a boy named Jay Niles, but it really depends on what you want, and im very open to almost everything. I also have many character with many personalities.
  2. i would like to rp with you :o you can have superpowers if you want i just dont want my character to know yet
  3. Maybe you could be Blaze and i'd be Jay :D
  4. That sounds like fun :D id love to
  5. alright ^_^ id really enjoy that
  6. Too be clear, it'd be a MxF romance with you as the girl
  7. yup if that's okay with you
  8. Alrighty then! Care to message me please?
  9. pm me :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.